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I believe that “Art is the universal language of Love and compassion connecting the world” and my aim is to work towards bringing Harmony and Peace through the path of Art.

In this journey, I worked in various fields but all along has been Artist at heart. Since childhood I felt a pull towards the places where silence is the only sound and this lead me to trekking the interiors of J&K and Himachal Pradesh, in my earlier years. Deeply interested in the local Arts, be it painting, music, hand-made crafts, or everyday life of the people in the interiors of these places, I have been preserving my memories in the form of writings, collecting the artifacts etc..I got an opportunity to write weekend columns in local newspaper, where I used to write short-stories. After moving to UAE 15 years ago, my focus. shifted to other activates for some. time. I headed a Management Consultancy, but all along my heart longed for something creative. This brought me back to my passion, poetry and short story writing,

Have observed that people are so caught up in their responsibilities in various capacities that they have almost forgotten about their self. One of my aim is to re-introduce people to their forgotten passion and dreams, I organize small events and. exhibitions within their own circle. To appreciate and acknowledge them, I created Face book. page SMYLE along with a friend.
On this blog I would be sharing my views on varied topics touching our daily life.

You may contact me on 6elementcolors@gmail.com

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