HAIKU # 107 &108

Guns anger blood shed

Humanity edge of fear

Where are we heading ?


Cruelty of few

Destroying peace harmony

A trail of pain left

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Mom’s Lessons

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Mind Heart Matters


Cancer is nasty. It is an insidious, life-sucking, mentally challenging and exhausting disease that tests a family in ways they never dreamed possible. It tires you, and angers you, frightens you and saddens you.

How do I know this? Our family was recently blind-sided by a diagnosis that will take our mother from us far too soon. A woman who bowled weekly, golfed often, volunteered regularly, met with her friends, completed crossword puzzles and Sudoku challenges daily, walked outside or on her treadmill and never failed to cheer on her Jets, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma (GBM), a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

How blindsided were we? On December 25th, she was up giggling and partying with her grandchildren, sipping on a beer while they threw jokes back and forth and kept the rest of us up until the wee hours of the morning. Their laughter was…

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A great reminder of our rich heritage. Infortunately the present state of woman in our society shames our value systems. Ancient times child was known by his/her mother not father.


Hinduism splits the primordial divine energies into Shiva & Shakti. Nothing can exist without the existence of these opposing yet complementary forces.

ADITI – 1st Mother, Goddess of Space, Infinity and Timelessness. A protective Goddess who helps u overcome obstacles.

AGNEYA – Daughter of the Fire God Agni & guardian of the South East direction.

AMMAVARUA – The Godess who laid the Egg form which Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu hatched.

ARANYANI – Goddess of the Forest & the Creatures that live there.

BANKA MUNDI – Goddess of the Hunt & Fertility.

CHHAYA – Goddess of the Shadows & Consort of Surya, the Hindu Sun God.

DURGA – A Fierce, Demon fighting Goddess who sits upon a Lion. Her name means one who alleviates suffering.

GAYATRI – Personification of Gayatri Mantra.

JYESTHA – Goddess of Misfortune. She is the opposing force to her sister Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth…

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