I -Salt and Sugar


I am like Salt & Sugar without go,

Dissolving into many flavours of life,

Yet have an identity which is only mine,

My flexibility is not my weakness,

It is the strenght of my character,

It liberates me yet not let me lose my uniqueness .

I wrote this long time back. Today just felt like sharing again

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Moments of GRATITUDE 


Every person who come into our life does make a difference. Whether in person or on virtual media, it doesn’t make a difference. They are important part of our growth and an inspiration for us to keep moving on our chosen paths. 

I am grateful to all of you for taking time to read, like and share your views and comments.  

WordPress is a wonderful platform to share views in so many ways. When they acknowledge our efforts by keeping the stats and send us lovely surprises like this, it is a great motivation. 

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I use to stand here and think,

And run to act upon the ideas

Today I stand here empty of any thoughts

Just marvelling at the vastness of the Sun

Brightening the horizon while fading away

Spreading the stillness till the next day

I love the stillness sipping inside me

I am no more in a rush to run with my thoughts

As it is a never-ending chase where none wins.


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Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

‘Money road to happy peaceful life’ 

My response to ‘bluff

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

Challenge open Saturday 15th July 2017 – Thursday 20th July 2017

Welcome to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.

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Today’s prompt is:


My attempt at today’s prompt is:

 It all came down to this. 

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On the day of Gurupurnima, simple words of thanks to MOHANJI, the GURU whose consciousness connectivity is itself a journey to fearless living.




Silence only silence all around me

Today I am alone just with me

But I don’t feel bored or lonely

           Today I am at peace inside and outside of me

           Today I am the journey and destination for me

           Today I am the only reason for actions taken by me

           Today I am the result of thoughts generated by me

           Today I own the responsibility of BEING me

The change may not be absolute or error free

At times I am tempted towards my earlier me

Surrounded by self doubts want to give up on new me

But then silently dispelling darkness within me

Filling pure white light all around me

Comes my GURU , my guide MOHNJI

              He is not present enough to touch  his feet

             Or to feel his hands blessing me

            That is the beauty and magic of his personality

             HE keeps the lamp of guidance burning for all beings

            His consciousness invisible blanket of connectivity

            The moment of Silence when even the breath is still

           Is the time of awareness of being one with MOHANJI

          HIS grace guide us towards the infinity

(me is not ego but the CONSCIOUS)


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# guru,conscious,silence


Perfect in imperfection


 Today I am dedicating my post to all who have courage 

to live on their own terms breaking the tethers which hinder their growth
I am perfect in my imperfection,

When the rain cleanse my soul

I enjoy my wet hair plaster around my face,

When the soft sand cling to my feet

I feel grateful for music of the sea shore.

When I laugh my face may wrinkle

But my heart expands in joy,

When tears flow on to my cheeks

I may look like a clown

But why should I hide my hurt,

My love is unconditional and selfless

Then where is the need to prove if ?    

When I pen my thoughts

There may be a dot (.) Or a  coma (,) missing

But does it really matter to you ?

As I may be imperfect in wording

But I know what I am  communicating.

Perfection is a sign of stagnation

Imperfection an opportunity to grow.     

Why  the suppressive society  tethers bind me ?

When I know I have a mind of my own

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Via  Daily prompt :  Tether

#tether, perfect, imperfect



Love caught me unaware,

Embracing me in it’s warmth,

It gave me courage to be a sail,

Soft wind propelling me onwards,

Into the deep sea of emotions,

A dream to reach the horizon,

But then nothing last forever,

Only Tears a rainbow in aftermath
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Via Daily prompt :Sail

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Slowly each step leading onwards, 

Is it really onwards? 

Backwards may seem more justified, 

As this path I traveled  countless times, 

There have been soft roses to tread on, 

Then no dearth of thorns too, 

There have been more tears, 

Laughters far and few, 

There have been more sadness , 

Less and less of joy to see, 

Despite my intentions not to return, 

I come back time and again, 

See more and more deterioration, 

But then the question remains…. 

Why am I attracted towards  the EARTH? 

Like metals   toward the MAGNET,

Where as being a Soul  I am free and immortal, 

With limitless spaces to reside in. 

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Daily prompt :  Magnet

Precious Moments


​                      (Anil uncle and massi -our sunshine)

Precious moments in my treasure box, 

They are my inspiration and memories too, 

They are the reason for my gratitude, 

He opened his arms and heart for us, 

He is the blessing of the Father above,

 He shelters us from storms of life, 

He held our hands when tides were rough, 

Numerous moments of his love & compassion, 

Are Priceless moments of my treasure
I don’t believe in celebrating a particular day, as all days are worth celebrating.

But the Father’s Day is a reminder to us that we lost our father, but  someone said that he is not like a father but a father. Thanks Anil Uncle for standing with us in our best and worst times. Walking on the path of life, we have looked up to you for guidance and support, and you have always stood by and for  us.

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