Walks with Strangers

Morning or evening walks

Everytime crossed

On the same path

Initially a hesitant smile

Then a broader one

Then a casual wave

Then a tentative Hi

Then a greeting

Then a small talk

One day we sit together

A Shared conversation

Begining of the journey

From strangers to friends


Copyright (c) 2019 Namrata D Prabhakar


Paradoxes: What We Say We Want but What We Strive to Change

Thought provoking


But well-behaved dogs don’t spring fully formed from the womb. They must be actively raised — which is not easy. The same goes for kids.–Jeff Koyen

As I returned some books to the library this morning, I drove past a straggle of four-year-olds from a nearby preschool.  The first two kids in line held the teacher or caregiver’s hands.  The rest followed in two loosely constructed lines.  Each of the approximately sixteen kids carried a colorful plastic waterbottle as he or she trudged along.  One young lady  marched virorously, swinging her waterbottle in one hand and  sucking strongly on the thumb of her other hand.   You can make me carry this waterbottle but I’ll do what I want with my other hand.  So there!

We proclaim that we like the naturalness and spontaneity of  young children and puppies.  Yet we spend a lot of time and effort teaching them appropriate…

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Khoi Vinh on How His Blog Amplified His Work and Career

Experience sharing, good tips

Own Your Content

It’s fair to think, what if you never monetize your website? What if no one reads your blog? What is it all for?

We spoke with Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe, author of How They Got Here: Interviews With Digital Designers About Their Careers, and a writer who’s been publishing on his blog, Subtraction, for nearly 20 years.

In his first blog post published on July 30, 2000, he meditates on the idea of having a journal, an online place where he can publish his ideas. He writes:

“I’ve been reckoning with an immense docket of changes and challenges. All of which seem like ideal fodder for posterity; an amateur writer in me feels compelled to record what I can.”

The initial inspiration has empowered Khoi to tell stories, share ideas, and offer wisdom on design for nearly two decades. The key is to look at…

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Book Nerds Will Relate #4

This is so well expressed For all the people who read, eat and breathe the words in any form print or web. There are more related posts do check out

Aesthetic Miradh


Now, this kind of a baby, I can think about 😀


Just as your stupid phone seems to be saying the same.




Oh, this happens everyday.


Oh, never have I known that feeling of sleeping alone 😉


Nope, not needed!


Didn’t I just say, I don’t need that kind of negativity!!


The first thing I’ll find, probably in every new place!




Hahaha, this one got me!


And this is just sooo cute! I wish I’d have done this!!


A 100%


Oh, every time!!


Oh, believe me this is all I do!


Oh, I do wonder this time and again!

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Blogger Recognition Award

Great tips for new bloggers



I am so happy to receive this award from Krishna. Krishnapriya as I know her from her writings is one who is always thinking of the divine supreme and considers all living beings as one having the same divinity. Such noble thoughts are glorified through her poems and posts. She has also some excellent translation achievements on some of the original Sanskrit works which is the reason for me being an ardent follower of her blog in the first place.

Please check her blog: Light + Love

 My Blogging Journey

 I started blogging on WordPress in 2012 and my posts were few and far in between. I like to read more than to write and these were my only hobbies in school days. In college I didn’t write much maybe a couple of poems here and there as singing became a newly acquired hobby and then once having…

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