HAIKU #87 The Winter

Wispering cold winds
Melting Snowflake in my hand
Lonely paradise

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Random – Tea

Desi chai of Jammu

While having my morning ☀️ tea, my thoughts took me to the world of this magic beverage.

The tiny leaves may be the only one (not sure) having so varied tastes and colors. And every tea lover has his/her unique taste and style of making. A “cup of tea” is our companion, supporting us in our good times or bad times.

For me it created a few very precious friendships and lots of Memories. 💕.

Today I thank the first planter of T😇.

Indian honors system(भारतीय सम्मान प्रणाली)

Worth reading .

History of King Royal Panwars

In India, I got an award for writing a story for the magazine called ‘Kaadambini’.
I love to read books and magazines.
My parents subscribed each and every magazine, novel and newspaper.
Every day i used to wait to get new thing to read. Usually i wait outside of my house.
Newspaper delivery person knew my ‘craziness’. I am thankful to him, he always gave me each and every magazines we buy on time never bring late.
I started reading all kind of books and magazines very early. This is the reason i wrote for ladies magazine.
Sorry I got distracted. I love the touch and smell of new magazine.
Here in The USA, we barely read any magazine. Even though we subscribe so many.
Recently i did grocery from Costco, I bought one of the novel.
I am reading it sometimes:( not all the time.
In India, I used…

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HAIKU # 82 -86 Five elements – Unpredictable

When the things are not balanced whether in nature or our life, the results are always disaster.


Soft breeze gentle bliss
Strong winds storm of destruction
Absence instant death


Drops nurturing life
Excess flood of destruction
Absence lifeless Earth


Flames a glowing warmth
Molten lava volcanoic
Absence tastless life


Green and moist growth food
Hard surface barren dry lands
Too Soft soil week roots


Profound purity

Humans can never pollute

Power of shuna

Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

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Am I doing Charity?

Someone asked me
What you do for charity?
I said ‘nothing’
Silence !!!
Then a look of superiority
On the other face
Is the charity a great deed?
Well I do not think so
I feed a hungry mouth
That is kindness
I wipe tears of pain
That is compassion
I stand by someone
That is sympathy
I never ignore plea for help
That is duty
I embrace every being
That is humility
I stand by my dear ones
That is love
I is not my ego
That is consciousness
I am what HE choose to make me
That is why I am nothing
But reflection of HIM
My acts are not for others
That is my true self


Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

Ancient Indian History

Any one interested in Ancient Indian History, follow Eric . He is going to make it simple and interesting

Written Words Never Die

Starting today, 5th October 2018, my new blogging schedule includes Fridays where I’ll share snippets of ancient Indian history – BCE to early CE – that focuses on the region covered by the Deccan in the south.

The region which was once occupied by three famous dynasties – the Cheran, Cholan, and Pandyan – broadly encompasses five current Indian states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Image @ Sangam Era 300 BCE to 200 CE by Global Security

Some historians used a collective term – Tamilakam – the Age of the Tamils, to describe this period. Tamil in this usage referred not only to the Tamils of modern day India but all the peoples of the south. Another term – Dravidians – is in more common usage now.

I’m currently finalizing my next work of fiction: a literary historical novel based on Silappatikaram, one of the five…

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