HAIKU #65 – My destination “No where”

None can walk for me
Paths may be illuminate
By Divine Masters


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Random – From my window

One of the many expressions
A situational response

How can it be constant?

The most sold out idea in today’s world

Isn’t it misleading and a cause of misery?

My perception …..

What’s your…….?

Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

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Forever Temporary

Very positive lesson to be learned from not just this post but the blogg also

Big Dreams for a Tiny Garden

IMG_4092 Blue ginger – after the flower is gone, the enjoyment lingers on in memory

I need reminding.

Nothing is forever.

This is never more evident than in my garden – a deep repository for life’s important lessons. It takes a gardener like me time to learn the lessons offered. Is that why I keep being presented with the same lesson over and over? Because it takes ‘forever’ to learn?

The grasshoppers have been ravaging my plants. Everywhere I look there are half consumed leaves.

IMG_4090 Singapore ginger – a tasty meal for the grasshoppers

The hungry little critters ate the blossoms on my lemon tree too, diminishing hope of a good crop of lemons next season. If that’s not discouraging enough, some of my precious Hippeastrum Papillio bulbs have succumbed to the soggy conditions. Small losses, small disappointments in the greater scheme of things, but frustrating nevertheless.

IMG_2978 Flowers from the ‘lost’…

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Smt. Shanti Devi

Smt Pushpa Vaid

When I look back at my formative years two women come to my mind. Both my grandmothers . One my mothers mother (Shanti Devi) & other my mothers *Massi (Pushpa Vaid)
*Mother’s sister.

Today I pay tribute to them for being exceptional human beings. Humble, kind , gentle yet strong and well-read. None of them had much formal education. But their knowledge of Hindu scriptures and Vedas amazes me even today.

They taught me the value of time. Reading RAMAYANA, GITA and other books during their free time instead of gossip. Telling us stories of our rich cultural and religious heritage in the form of stories and bhajans (devotional songs) and teaching by their own example the simple and honest ways of life. They may not have their names mentioned in History but would definitely be part of my storytelling to my grandchildren as I owe them my value system.

My deepest Gratitude and respect for these two amazing women on ‘MOTHER’S DAY” ❤❤💙

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