Great Attitudes…………….

We all read about positive attitude and other good ideas, but this one is unlike any other. I couldn’t resist reblogging, as it is unique in it’s perspective. Thanks Kamal for the beautiful blog

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


-Doctor to Patient: Your liver is enlarged.

Patient to Doctor: Does that mean it has space for more whisky? (this is called positive thinking).

-A Man wrote to the bank: My cheque was returned with remarks ‘insufficient funds’. I want to know whether it refers to mine or the Bank.’ (this is self-confidence at its peak).

-A mistake said to another mistake: I have learned so much from my mistakes, I am seriously thinking of making more mistakes. (this is called having dignified attitude).

-A sad man said to a happy man: Hey buddy, why are you always walking with a happy face and you are so full of happiness and are satisfied with life. Look at me always glum and not a smile on my face.

The happy man said: A happy person is not always in a good situation at all times…

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LIFE -A Transit


My first Hindi poetry beautifully sung by Sunita Dutta (Manali H.P.India). My sincere thanks to her

जिन्दगी  हर पल पहेली

न सोचो ऐसा क्यू है

न समझें वेसा क्यू है

हर इन्सान मुझ सा नहीं है

यही   तो मजा है..

मेरा हंसना गुनाह तो नहीं

तेरी नराजगी शायद खता है

मेने दील की सुनी

तो इस मे बुरा क्या है


इतनी खुबसूरत है यह दुनिया

मे से परे देखो तो सही

मुझ  से पेहले भी थी

मुझ से बाद भी रहे गई


अथा सागर हे यह प्यार

ईक बुन्द पी कर तो देखो

हर इन्सा दोस्त बन जाऐगा

रास्ता आसान हो जाएगा

उस नजर से तो देखो


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30TH NOVEMBER – A Tribute




        Image from internet 

One of the saddest day called Martyrs day (commemoration day)

The day nation remembers their heroes

Their sacrifices and their bravery

Defending the innocent lives of fellow beings

The young lives paying the price

For hate and anger of few negative individuals


Like everyone else in this world

They had dreams in their eyes

Some purposes to achieve

Some relationships to embrace

To love and be loved in return


Let’s Pray for the peace to prevail

May the thoughts be changed for better

May the world be a place to LET LIVE

May there be no Martyrs anywhere

Our youth contributing in progress

Spreading love and happiness

Through their ideas and innovation

Their hands holding prosperous future

Not the guns and ammunition to defend



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Hands in Clay

Alanna your poetry express the emotion of all the Artists who create masterpieces with clay. Thanks for sharing

I am reblogging this in honour of my Sister Joy with one of her creation

Poet's Corner


When my hands touch clay

I lose myself

Deep in the soft, smooth sensation of mud

Sliding between my fingers

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When will the suffering end? 




                When will the suffering end?

               Asked a desperate man

               HE said “Right NOW

               Man asked with disbelieve

               Are you mocking me?

                HE smiled gently nodding his head

                  No, my dear let me show you how

Stop the violence right now

Be it in thoughts, actions or just a witness

As it causes pain to other beings

Stop the hoarding right now

Be it thoughts, materials or natural resources

As even your very next breath is not certain

Stop the anger right now

Be it in thoughts, at a person or a situation

As it hurts you more than anyone else

Stop the ego right now

Be it in thoughts, success or power

As it stops you to see good in others

                When you are emptied you inner vessel

                Start filling yourself with goodness

                Love, gratitude, positive thought         

               Humbleness, forgiveness, compassion

              And you may add few more

               Touch gently the flower in full bloom

               Wipe a tear of pain from someone ‘eyes

                Give a warm hug to a distress man


                           ALL THE SUFFERING HAS ENDED

                            As I promised you

                                             NOW you are  at PEACE with your inner self



Everyday is a THANKGIVINGS day for people who count their blessings daily


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My roaming Soul


Today it’s Quadrille at dVerse, with Mish hosting. The poem has to have exactly 44 words. The word that has to be included in the poem is “rock”.


Lying with my eyes close

Surrounded by the high rocks

Feeling the birds soaring high

Hearing music of quiet streams

Fresh Air kissing my hair

Magic unforgettable

Reality a harsh desert Sun

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Clock 🕒 is just a tool for our convenience. It doesn’t tell us how much time we have HERE

When people say that they don’t have time, they are actually speaking the only reality, though without realizing it. How can you have something which can not be quantifed, or qualified or bound by anything.

We have people in our lives who would only communicate with us as per their convenience, 

So next time someone says to you  ‘Oh, I was busy, didn’t have time to call you’. Take it that you were not required in their life so they didn’t bother to call.   But they will not hesitate to call you when  they need you.

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