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Random – 250th post -A gratitude

GOD helps those who help themselves

GOD help those who help others

This is my thought

Every individual in his/her own capacity, with small acts of kindness contributes to the society. It is not about big charities. For a person shivering on a winter morning a cup of tea or a blanket to keep away the cold is worth in gold.

I would be compiling my HAIKU journey into an ebook soo and keep 50% of the proceedings from the sale to do my bit.

In this endeavor, i would be counting on my fellow bloggers, friends and like-minded people to help me.

Will keep posting on my progress



People look in the mirrors
Not to reflect themselves
But to see how the world wants to look at them
I do not look in mirrors
Apart from highlighting a few wrinkles
Or a few grey hair
It does not say much
I search for my reflection in the hearts of my loved ones
I know
Would love to know your point of view

Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar


A great reminder of our rich heritage. Infortunately the present state of woman in our society shames our value systems. Ancient times child was known by his/her mother not father.


Hinduism splits the primordial divine energies into Shiva & Shakti. Nothing can exist without the existence of these opposing yet complementary forces.

ADITI – 1st Mother, Goddess of Space, Infinity and Timelessness. A protective Goddess who helps u overcome obstacles.

AGNEYA – Daughter of the Fire God Agni & guardian of the South East direction.

AMMAVARUA – The Godess who laid the Egg form which Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu hatched.

ARANYANI – Goddess of the Forest & the Creatures that live there.

BANKA MUNDI – Goddess of the Hunt & Fertility.

CHHAYA – Goddess of the Shadows & Consort of Surya, the Hindu Sun God.

DURGA – A Fierce, Demon fighting Goddess who sits upon a Lion. Her name means one who alleviates suffering.

GAYATRI – Personification of Gayatri Mantra.

JYESTHA – Goddess of Misfortune. She is the opposing force to her sister Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth…

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HAIKU #100 A word of gratitude

Expressions of self

Nature – canvass of my thought

A soulful journey

This is gratitude to

the nature for abundance

my morning friends (pigeons) for their consistency

Each and every one of my blogger friends, who from my first post till now have encouraged me by liking, commenting and even sharing my humble thoughts.

Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar