Sharing very simple message.

Do not know the author of this story.

*Read the below story at least twice and write your personal reflection and thoughts

” Once upon a time there was a king who said to the courtyard:
‘I wish to create an expensive ring.I have bought one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world and I want to hide a message in the ring.

*The message should serve me in times of desperation and is to serve my successors*. It must be a short sentence that can be stashed under the ring’s diamond.’
All those who listened were very clever, they all could write passages but not a short sentence that is no longer than 2-3 words that can assist someone in times of despair.
They all thought but could not find.
The king was brought up by an old servant. The king’s mother died at an early age and the servant took care of him and therefore was treated as one of the family. The king had tremendous respect for the servant and so he consulted with him too.
The old man said:
” I’m not wise nor scholarly or educated but I do know of a message. During my life, in the palace I’ve met all sorts of people, and once I met a wizard who was invited by your father. To thank me, he gave me this message”. The old servant wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to the king. ” But don’t read it”, he said ” keep it hidden in the ring and open it only when you have no other choice”.

Soon after, the kingdom was invaded and the king started to lose the battle. He fled on his horse followed by his enemies. He was alone and his enemies were many. With no other choice, a cliff ahead of him and no way of return. He remembered the ring, opened it took out the piece of paper and read the short message: “This too shall be over”.

As soon as he read the message, he felt a great silence enveloping him. His enemies got lost in the woods and their horses were nowhere to be heard. The king was thankful for his old servant and the wizard. These words were incredible. He put the piece of paper back under the diamond in the ring.
The day he got back to the kingdom, all feeling victorious, he was greeted with a big feast and he felt great!
The old servant stood next to him and said: “This moment too, is right for another look at the hidden message”.
The king replied ” Now that I’m in victory, people are celebrating, I’m not desperate or in a no option situation, why would I look at the message?”
The servant said:” listen to me, *this message is relevant both in times of despair and in good time as well”*.

The king opened the message again.
“This too shall pass”
The king felt again the great internal silence he felt before. Though he was celebrating, his pride and ego disappeared. The king understood the message, he was enlightened.
The old servant said:
“Do you remember everything that happened to you? Nothing and no emotion are permanent. Same as day and night, so are the good moments and the bad, receive them as a natural thing because they are a natural part of life”.
“Impermanence is permanent.”

Reflect on this story and a few words in comments if you would like to share your thought on this 🙏🏻

I myself is firm believer of NOW- my only reality


Random-lessons from nature

A friend shared this on her Facebook.

Sunflowers 🌻 turn according to the position of the sun. In other words, they “chase the light.” You might already know this, but there is another fact that you probably do not know!

Have you ever wondered what happens on cloudy and rainy days when the sun is completely covered by clouds?🤔

This is an interesting question.Isn’t it?

Perhaps you think the sunflower withers or turns its head towards the ground. Is this what crossed your mind?

Well, that’s incorrect!

This is what happens?

*They turn towards each other to share their energy.🌻✨🌻*

Nature’s perfection is amazing. Now let’s apply this reflection to our lives. Many people may become low-spirited, and the most vulnerable ones, sometimes, become depressed.
How about following the example of the beautiful sunflowers 🌻i.e.”Supporting and empowering each other”. Nature has so much to teach us.

Wishing everyone a “Sun flower”🌻 trait of turning towards each other on their cloudy and gloomy days.

Spread goodness…it will come back to you…

Random- Only myself

Silence is the most profound gift which enables me to listen to the music of Divine and realization that

I take responsibility of my mysterious SELF

World will take care of itself

I am inky responsible for

Not hurting anyone

Living or non-living

Jelping people in my immediate surroundings

With whatever means I have

I am sensitive to the feelings of others

Every relationship is special for me

Like a grain of sand

I am complete