When will the suffering end? 




                When will the suffering end?

               Asked a desperate man

               HE said “Right NOW

               Man asked with disbelieve

               Are you mocking me?

                HE smiled gently nodding his head

                  No, my dear let me show you how

Stop the violence right now

Be it in thoughts, actions or just a witness

As it causes pain to other beings

Stop the hoarding right now

Be it thoughts, materials or natural resources

As even your very next breath is not certain

Stop the anger right now

Be it in thoughts, at a person or a situation

As it hurts you more than anyone else

Stop the ego right now

Be it in thoughts, success or power

As it stops you to see good in others

                When you are emptied you inner vessel

                Start filling yourself with goodness

                Love, gratitude, positive thought         

               Humbleness, forgiveness, compassion

              And you may add few more

               Touch gently the flower in full bloom

               Wipe a tear of pain from someone ‘eyes

                Give a warm hug to a distress man


                           ALL THE SUFFERING HAS ENDED

                            As I promised you

                                             NOW you are  at PEACE with your inner self



Everyday is a THANKGIVINGS day for people who count their blessings daily


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All rights reserved




Slowly each step leading onwards, 

Is it really onwards? 

Backwards may seem more justified, 

As this path I traveled  countless times, 

There have been soft roses to tread on, 

Then no dearth of thorns too, 

There have been more tears, 

Laughters far and few, 

There have been more sadness , 

Less and less of joy to see, 

Despite my intentions not to return, 

I come back time and again, 

See more and more deterioration, 

But then the question remains…. 

Why am I attracted towards  the EARTH? 

Like metals   toward the MAGNET,

Where as being a Soul  I am free and immortal, 

With limitless spaces to reside in. 

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar 

All rights reserved 

Daily prompt :  Magnet


(Painting image courtesy .Artist Suman Gupta  )


A silence with a vibration of it’s own

All eyes looking at the door

Some patiently waiting

Some whispering to each other

Some excited to be meeting him first time

Long hair tied loosely

Eyes hidden by dark glasses

Smile illuminating the persona

He enters the room

Shattering the image of Guru

Disappointing many a few

He may hug you or shake hands with you

If you touch his feet he will bless you lovingly

He is not bound by the image of Guru

He may play cricket or crack a joke

He may play with a child

Sit with a teenager and share his concerns

He breaks all myths of a Guru

When he asks you what you want from me

For I can give you nothing and want nothing from you

He further shatters the Image

But that is only for people who can not see beyond

People who are sleep -walking and want to follow blindly

He is not for the followers who follow like a sheep,

He is like a flowing river who will let anyone in

But there are few who love him unconditionally

Those are the one who may find Mohanji

His simplicity of thoughts & path of pathlessness

His consciousness connect is so real

Even without being there with you he is with you

But he is not a Guru who preaches or teaches

Today I thank HIM for holding my hand

At the same time letting me explore

I am still a wanderer but with a difference

Now I am fearless maybe not hundred percent

But better than what i was before

Mohanji, simply Being in my life you have blessed me

And helped me to stay in NOW