HAIKU #100 A word of gratitude

Expressions of self

Nature – canvass of my thought

A soulful journey

This is gratitude to

the nature for abundance

my morning friends (pigeons) for their consistency

Each and every one of my blogger friends, who from my first post till now have encouraged me by liking, commenting and even sharing my humble thoughts.

Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar



Mel one of my favorite bloggers. The security of present and the curiosity of future, expressed so beautifully

Life, more than existence!


Sitting on the edge of thought, wanting to let go.

Leaning forward I fall, slowly drifting into thought without thought, clarity without seeing.

Though the world swirls around me stillness is my cocoon, immersion  is complete I am at peace.

Oh to remain this way, but I know that I must break out to become the butterfly and know the  world once again.

mr mel

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