Center-less FOcUS


 The Sky and the Sea are boundary-less, 

Neither is defined by the start or the  end, 

They have no shape nor any definite form, 

So how can they have a center? 

But still they are so center-ed in their approach, 

Their energy is a blessing for one and all, 

It is the focus not the centre that matters, 

Today When we see so much suffering in the world, 

Perhaps it is because of our  Self-centered approach. 

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MOHANJI-Unconditional Love 

23rd of February Mohanji’s Birthday.  A few words of gratitude on this special occasion for the Master whose ‘Path of Pathlessness’ shows tbe way to JUST BE

Nothing is such a power force

It created the whole world 

Nothing but only Consciousness 

Connected me to my master”MOHANJI”

 I went to HIM for knowledge 

And an assurance for HIM to be with me

Smiling HE said I have nothing to give

So don’t expect anything from me

I only have unconditional LOVE

It is for all the beings on this earth 

And it is limitless and boundless 

You take it  untill you reflect ME

Once you see yourself as me

You are liberated and free

Then we can connect effortlessly 

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Loss of self


In the pitch dark night stillness,

The air whispering softly

The waves touching the shore silently,

Every element aware of the agony,

I could sense the warmth of that embrace, 

My head buried deep in my arms,

The mind wiped  of all the thoughts,

An emptiness settling  in my heart,

When I looked up and around, 

The glitter of my eyes was the only light, 

Through which  I saw her saying goodbye,

After sixteen years since she left, 

My search to see her as  a glittering star, 

Remains unfulfilled because of my misty gaze. 

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“Beauty of a Thorn” 


It is the flower which beholds the eyes

It is the fragrance which tantalize the senses 

It is the  leaf which is soft to touch

It is the stem which is strong to hold

But it is the thorn which bring out the blood

That pain teaches us caution 

It preaches to chose with care

Life is indeed a mix of flowers and thorns

That is why it gives Joys and pains

Silent Sound of Humbleness 

M ”

 Amid the  sounds of birds and the waves, 

In that hour when the Sun set quietly I watch, 

It goes with a promise to rise again the next day,

I wonder whether I will be a witness to it again, 

It may be on the horizon of blue ocean, 

Or behind the peaks of mighty mountains, 

It’z orange hue always leave me in awe, 

Silently it lets the moon to guide us in the dark, 

This silent Sound-less interchange of gold and silver, 

Shows the  mighty humbleness of the universe so vast. 

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A day I never celebrated- VALENTINE’S DAY

​. “M” 

                                                     Dedicated to my better half Arun Prabhakar. 

Valentine’s day so much hype around a day, 

Some may be bestowed with too much love, 

While others may feel uncared and not loved, 

For me it is an ordinary day, 

The rain has made it special, 

And my “morning friends” are in a mood to play. 

            When i think of love it is not just for a day, 

             It is not in red roses or chocolates or a ring,

            It is not holding hands or forever vows, 

             These are just gestures which may fade away. 

For me love is to let other be,

To  let other have the freedom of choice,

To let other have a few thoughts of his/her own, 

To let other decide what he/she wants,

To let the other feel partner not a slave or sub-ordinate,

To let the other agree or disagree on the same thought, 

To walk apart but together not in front or behind, 

To live the love day-to-day in countless ways. 

                     I know I can decide matters minor to major,

                    I need no permission but just a communication, 

                    That is the Love which only fortunate may have

                    Yes,  after 17 years of marriage i may not had a Valentine’s day,

                    But Respecting my individual being is most precious gift, 

                   I get  from him  everyday ,

                   And it makes my everyday  -“ A Valentine’s day”

P.S.     Trust is the oxygen &  Giving space to each other is the life-line of a relationship. 

Seriousness- An awakening 

Every step I take it may be of some worth

A milestone may give me courage to move ahead

One step wrong and all is gone

So I contemplate my every act 

In this journey of precious life

But one day I got tired of so much stress

And seriously looked at myself

The seriousness with which I analyzed 

I finally realized Life is just a matter of breath


Life- “Shades of Nothingness “

Oh dear life really what you are? 

Nothing tangible or touchable, 

You never make-up your mind, 

One way or the other, 

You may say there is only one way, 

 But never reveals what awaits me, 

Everytime I feel confident of my footstep, 

You through a new challenge towards me

But have you realized from my point of view? 

Even in the sleep I  am always on my toes, 

Pleass have a good look at yourself, 

Your playing with us lesser mortal, 

Leading to nothing but an end, 

An END where neither i nor you

Neither of us is going to wins.