Today my morning friends triggered a thought

Who remembers you in their daily thoughts ?

The answer may not be what seems obvious

            For me they are my morning friends

            Everyday Silently they wait on window pane 

           What ever i give they accept happily

            And then we share a few moments of bliss

           They nibbling the grains and me sipping the coffee

           Then we part to meet again to watch the setting Sun

  You may forget the vendor who deliver the supplies

  He will remember you not for the business you give

  But for sharing his moments of joy and sorrows

  You may forget the old man on the street

  But he will remember you everyday 

   Enveloped in the warmth of blanket you gave

               You may be hugged or showered with loads of wishes

               By long list of family, friends and relatives 

                On your birthday or some other special days

                But small deeds done for strangers not for your gains

                Will give you the pleasure of being remembered everyday.

      16 Years of Mother.     

 .                      Today sixteen years ago I held a bundle of Joy in my arms for the first time.

                                   Dedicated to my mom who held me through those difficult times


                                                               Chaitanya my son my word
Love is the only master who teaches a Mom

And Instincts the only guide in bringing up her child

First year I learned to laugh and cry for no special reason

Sing the lullaby even when i knew i was hopeless singer

Second year taught me the joy of talking for the first time

And excitement of speaking whatsoever i feel like

Third year was full of all the actions

Which as an adult we don’t feel are right

           Fourth year i re-learned to draw and paint

           Not on the papers but walls and floors

           Fifth year i realized sitting for 5 minutes is a serious matter

           On top of it write A or counting 1-10 is not a joke

           Sixth and Seventh years were hardest of all

          As i could not understand the view of teachers

          Why for them home-work was so important

       Eight to tenth years was time for new revelations

       The exams and results were the two biggest enemies

       Cartoon and TV the best friends in whole of the world

       Eleventh to Thirteenth good food took a new meaning

        Mom’s love judged by anything junk on the plate

                   Fourteen and fifteen i hardly slept peacefully

                  The hair-style, clothes and friends were biggest problems

                  Study was the only bone of contention with the parents

                  Sixteenth year by far the hardest and the coolest of all

                 I know why to study but don’t know how to concentrate

                 When there are so many distractions all around

So far i enjoyed un-learning and re-learning many things

Coming years will get more excited then the roller-coaster

 But despite all the hardships ,worries and tensions

One warm HUG and a radiant smile on his face

Makes my world brighter than the warmth of the SUN


(Painting image courtesy .Artist Suman Gupta  )


A silence with a vibration of it’s own

All eyes looking at the door

Some patiently waiting

Some whispering to each other

Some excited to be meeting him first time

Long hair tied loosely

Eyes hidden by dark glasses

Smile illuminating the persona

He enters the room

Shattering the image of Guru

Disappointing many a few

He may hug you or shake hands with you

If you touch his feet he will bless you lovingly

He is not bound by the image of Guru

He may play cricket or crack a joke

He may play with a child

Sit with a teenager and share his concerns

He breaks all myths of a Guru

When he asks you what you want from me

For I can give you nothing and want nothing from you

He further shatters the Image

But that is only for people who can not see beyond

People who are sleep -walking and want to follow blindly

He is not for the followers who follow like a sheep,

He is like a flowing river who will let anyone in

But there are few who love him unconditionally

Those are the one who may find Mohanji

His simplicity of thoughts & path of pathlessness

His consciousness connect is so real

Even without being there with you he is with you

But he is not a Guru who preaches or teaches

Today I thank HIM for holding my hand

At the same time letting me explore

I am still a wanderer but with a difference

Now I am fearless maybe not hundred percent

But better than what i was before

Mohanji, simply Being in my life you have blessed me

And helped me to stay in NOW

     The Power of Circle


                              No one has the multi-dimensional power than our O,

                                It symbolizes the negative and the positive,

                               The life starts from it but The sentence ends with it,

                               Success is defined by it’z count on the right of 1,

                               But The students dread it in it’s unit form,

                              From Moon to  *Chappati it signifies perfection,

                              On Woman’s forehead it is symbol of elegance,

                              “OM” The powerful chant of SHIVA starts with O .

                     *The Indian bread






My Sister-The JOY of my life

The beauty of that radiant smile

Why it bring tears in my eyes?

May be it is the flow of gratitude 

To the Almighty for the strong bonding

She climbed the mountains 
Some snow-capped some lush green

She touched many a hearts in the path

Delicate, sweet with an elfin beauty

Not many could recognize her strong being

                     One day she feel in love with potter’s wheel

                     Her hands running around her imagination

                    The innocent clay moulding to perfection​

                    Expressing all her unspoken emotions.

                     It is no expectations which sets her apart

Her love of giving is like a river

Free flowing and abundant

She brought many a smiles and laughters

Tears of Joy and a sense of purpose

To the aimless lives of down trodden

She has nurtured the little ones in such a way

That Today they dare to dream to touch the sky

 And believe their dreams will come true one day.


While mostly people talk about the wordly famous but generally fail to acknowledge the work of their loved ones

The Day i walked Alone


Walking along the sea shore

The waves caressing my toes

Gentle sounds soothing my soul

Today the quietness seemed so loud

Every few steps I paused and looked around

The tears flowed gentle merging with their destiny

My bowed head thanking them for cleansing me

Setting Sun slowly turning me to just a shadow

I listened to the whisper of wind playing gently

The heaven reflecting it’s silver sheen

Looking at the vastness in front of me

Searching the hidden desperately

My eyes pleading to the. sea

To reveal it’s secret of such generosity

How Countless living within so harmoniously?

And it’s beauty of still being so FREE

Nothing dilutes me nor changes me

They are external to me, so I am free

The secret was revealed so simply

All along there was no one but me

No other being had the power to be me.

I rejoiced and cherished the beauty of new ME

Finally i felt Free, free and FREE

                      JUST BE.                   


                                                         ​                                                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                        MOHANJI   

               .                    Photo .   Courtesy.   Artist SUMAN GUPTA (Magic   Realism) 

 .                                               http://www.sumangupta.com

                             This world gave relatives I thought they are mine           

                             This world gave money and I thought it is mine

                              The world gave success and I thought it is mine

                               The world gave ego and I thought that it is mine 

                               This I and mine was making me blind

From morning till evening working like a slave

Looking for new goals and aims to achieve

But still something was missing always

I realized that it was the solace and the peace

Searched and tried all the conventional ways

But all my efforts went in vain.

                            A miracle happened and MOHANJI came into my life

                            He halted my running & asked me what did you loose

                           SUPREME gave you LOVE that you did not recognize

                           You are the source nothing you will find outside

                            Just BE just BE inside

 Liberated now I can soar higher and higher

 Swim deeper and deeper 

 Can climb the mountain tops

 I am not an achiever but a seeker all empty inside

As my Guru told I closed my eyes to just BE just BE inside

       CARESS OF LOVE.       


(He is for a child in general either girl or boy)         

                           Perform, perform and perform,                          

                                A seven letter word ruling our lives,

                                 It takes birth the moment baby opens his eyes,

                                 Everyone around him wants to see him giggle and smile,

                                 They won’t rest till he oblige,,

                                 There starts the whole circus of life

Playing happily with his unseen friends,

Laughing and enjoying the moment in time,

Suddenly someone says it is sleep time,

Close your eyes and rest my dear,

Not that you are tired but it is time,

Bewildered and confused by the sudden change,

He resist with all his might,

But in the end he gives up and comply……

                                      Walk by the age of two, speak by the age of three,

                                      School by the age of four, collage by eighteen,

                                      In-between learn the skills of life,

                                      Play a sport or two read a few good books,

                                      Make best use of every waking moment,

                                      That is perhaps not the end,

                                      In the sleep try to dream a few useful goals,

                                      As in this competitive world there no time to waste.

In this whirlpool of expectations and performances,

Enjoy each moment and choose what you love to do,

Let your foot-steps follow your heart,

It is advise for others not for your own child to heed,

As he has to achieve the goals set by you,

And make your dreams and aspirations come true

                                One day when he comes to you tired and lost,

                               You look at him and think he has come with a demand,

                               Without thinking you start off for an umpteenth time,

                               Will get you anything you want but only condition,

                               Then In one single breath he is reminded everything,

                               From their sacrifice for him to the value of time,


Suddenly he rests his tired body and soul in your lap,

And when you lovingly caress his hair,

He says this is what he wants,

Your warmth, your love, your arms wrapped around him,

Let me be with you unconditionally,

Let me feel that you brought me to this beautiful world,

To be free like wind, flow like river and shine like sun,

To find the meaning of life as I perceive,

Oh! my parents please simply be with me be with me,

And you will see I will perform dear perform beautifully

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