Twigs & Thoughts


Scattered thoughts I collect meticulously

Assemble word by word carefully

Some dropped and some missed words

On the way


No blueprint or plan to work with

Simply guided by my intuitions

Slowly a line is formed then a para

Till the end is reached


I am like a bird who builds the nest

Collecting Twig after Twig

Not knowing how many are enough

To make a nest


The beauty of nests and thoughts is

Build with the same twigs and words

But reflecting the essence of the creator

Each a unique masterpiece


The NEST and the ART preserved

May be visited and admired time and again

But none can be dismantled or re-arranged

To create same magic again.


Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved




HAIKU #39 Winter Memories

   First post of year 2018

                                              Desi Chai (Special Jammu Tea) 


                                                      My Morning Friends

          Winter mist  winds fresh 

  Pink Tea -memories  home town

    Friends at the window 

 Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

When will the suffering end? 


When will the suffering end?

Asked a desperate man

HE said “Right NOW”

Man asked with disbelieve

Are you mocking me?

HE smiled gently nodding his head

No, my dear let me show you how
Stop the violence right now

Be it in thoughts, actions or just a witness

As it causes pain to other beings

Stop the hoarding right now

Be it thoughts, materials or natural resources

As even your very next breath is not certain

Stop the anger right now

Be it in thoughts, at a person or a situation

As it hurts you more than anyone else

Stop the ego right now

Be it in thoughts, success or power

As it stops you to see good in others
When you are emptied you inner vessel

Start filling yourself with goodies

Love, gratitude, positive thoughts

Humbleness, forgiveness, compassion

And you may add few more

Touch gently the flower in full bloom

Wipe a tear of pain from someone’eyes

Give a warm hug to a distress man

NOW you are  at PEACE with your inner self


As I promised you




HAIKU # 38


           Calander change to  2018

        Nature is as it was in 2017

     Sun Moon Stars constant 

A very happy new year to                           ALL!!!!!!! 


Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

It matters What I think

My niece,  10 Standard student, participated in ‘On the spot’ competition held at school and her poem was a prize winner and got published in school magazine also.

As it was not planned, so definitely the spontaneous expressed views were from the sub-conscious.

When I read it, what struck me was the change in thought process. It is a voice aganist gender bias and a demand for equality. This is an indicator of better future for  women and a progressive society. When the questions are raised aganist injustice the future is definitely in safe hands.

The peom by Yashika Prabhakar