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Tissue Paper और कलम


आँख खुली तो देखा मैंने,
रात अजब एक बात हुई थी ।
अंगड़ाई लेती थी सुबह
औंधी गहरी रात हुई थी ॥

पक्षी भी सारे अब चुप थे,
घोंसलों में बैठे गुमसुम थे,
कैसी ये घटना उनके संग
यूँही अकस्मात् हुई थी ।
आँख खुली तो देखा मैंने,
रात अजब एक बात हुई थी ॥

सूरज की अब धूप भी नम थी,
तपिश भी उसमें थोड़ी कम थी,
स्थिति बनाती और गहन तब
तेज़ हवा भी साथ हुई थी ।
आँख खुली तो देखा मैंने,
रात अजब एक बात हुई थी ॥

शर्म छोड़ सब पेड़ थे नंगे,
टेढ़े मेढ़े और बेढंगे,
झड़प हुई थी उनमें या कि
पत्तों की बरसात हुई थी ।
आँख खुली तो देखा मैंने,
रात अजब एक बात हुई थी ॥

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HAIKU # 21


  Manali Himachal Pradesh  India

Ancient mountain house

             Symbol of bygone era

                        Rusted Elegance

Very rare to see the mountain architecture these days. Attracted towards the concrete, perhaps people are forgetting  the practical utilities of these houses in the snow and harsh winter weathers. The way things are going, in near future they may only be  adoring some  museum walls. 

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved




                      A MAZE

Internet a good    source for searching  information but when I am looking for something  so many options are displayed and out of curiosity keep on  clicking and by the time I reach the information I am looking for, exhausted as if  run a marathon


 Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

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HAIKU # 15 GRATITUDE (100th post)


    Courtesy Clay Artist Joy Gupta

Heart ♥  in reverence 

         For blessings of Almighty 

            The world of thoughts flows


Courtesy Suman Gupta The Mystic Artist ( http://www.sumangupta.com)  thanks for letting  me use your paintings pics

Today is my  100th post and it has been possible only due to blessings of

SHIVA (The energy)

        MOHANJI (my GURUJI)

My fellow bloggers (liking, commenting and following my humble thoughts) 

My morning friends (simple pleasures)

Chaitanya my Son ( his honest suggestion and keen observation are valuable) 

Joy my sister ( pure heart ♥) 

Seema my Sister-in-law (my most ardent reader, never failing to comment) 

Raghav Vaid my cousin ( for reading and encouraging me to keep going) 

 Family and friends ( Dropping by my posts on Facebook) 

 Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

Flash Fiction :WATER



 Walking slowly looking at the burning  Sun over the head, my throat dry, even the saliva was no help. As I moved forward my thoughts traveled backwards  to   incidences where I had thrown a near full water bottle after coming from school, a half filled glass into the kitchen sink or let the bucket overflow.

 Suddenly  I heard the familiar sound and  hurried up my steps. There it was  clear, sweet and sparkling. With tears of gratitude I quenched my thirst. That day I realized the fragility of life. 

 Bowing, I pledged never to waste even a drop.


 This is a Friday Fictioneer story, inspired by the picture above, this week provided by Roger Bultot. FF is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who posts a picture online every week, and writer around the world write a 100-word story inspired by it. Click here to read stories by other writers, or here to join in.