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Whether in Texas or in Mumbai the life sustaning force ‘THE WATER‘ has proved that excess of anything is bad.  When the nature unleashes it’s fury we are helpless like any other being.

 Drop by drop it gentle come from up above,

                   Falls on the upturned face, the open hands

                   Brings a smile of pure joy,

                   A few on the surface of the earth,

                   Instantly fills the air with aroma of soil.


When drops come hand-in-hand,

Pouring down without a break,

The children enjoy the paper sails,

The grown-ups enjoy hot tea break,

The trees and grass soak in it’s wake.

                A few hours of downpour is a good fortune,

                Cleansing the air around us,

                The rivers, the steams ,the water-falls,

                Welcome it with open arms,

               The farmers breath a sigh of relief,

                Even the birds sing and dance to it’s tune.

But when they run towards the mother earth,

Hour on hour with a vigour of it’s own,

Creating the havoc and the  chaos,

Life come to a total stand still

But Nature knows better than us,

 May be This is what might be good for us?

#nature# drops# fury

  Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved 

Too Bee or not Too Bee

There hss been awareness in recent times on the extinction of bees, their importance as pollinators.
This writ-up is quite informative at the same time quite amusing ⭐


bumble beeYesterday morning, my husband and I were sitting by the hotel pool.  We had just finished our swim and were enjoying the mild sunshine and low humidity as we waited for our lunch to arrive.  As he looked up, my husband said “That bee just dove into the pool.”

“Go find a net or something to fish him out,” I said.  My husband wandered around the pool looking for something to save the bee.

Meantime, the bee was moving toward the side of the pool with with surprising speed and steadfast purpose.  He looked like he was swimming.  Was he doing the thorax stroke or the wing over wing crawl?

As he got closer to the side of the pool, I reached over with the plastic-coated menu and fished him out.  Before I could lift the menu high enough to let him crawl off it, the large fuzzy bumble bee…

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Peaceful beings- Are we?

   Today’s post is dedicated to Mother TERESA who gave millions of  people right to DIGNIFIED living. Today is her Birthday                           


We the human beings are peace loving and compassionate, 

Our nature is love and unity and humanity,

Is’nt it the biggest illusion we have of ourselves?

Humans have the power to think, create and speak,

So we are the superior of all beings,

 But are we?

                         Our intellect since time immemorial have destroyed,

                          Destroyed what ever has come in our path of progress,

                          Then be it Jungles,the lands, the mountains or water-ways,

                          We brought extinction of other peaceful beings,

                           Even the flora and fona has not escaped our wrath,

                           Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                           Think are we?

We find various reasons to discriminate,

Powerful supress the weak and the oppressed

We fight, abuse and humiliate.our own 

Excuses these  inhuman acts by giving it a name,

Then be it religion, country or simply an ideology,

Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

Think are we?

                  The peace, love and respects for all,

                  If this awareness was not forgotten at all,

                 Then there was no need for RAMA & KRISHNA

                 To show the path of truth and love

                 For BUDDHA to teach the path of Peace

                 For JESUS to protect the innocent and weak,

                 Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                  Think are we?
     Today we are living in times where positive words  Love, respect, dignity , peace are becoming difficult to achieve. If we want our children to live happily and peacfully then we have to lead by example

Daily prompt  :    Dignify                  

#dignity#discriminate #compasssion #human
Copyright (c) 2016 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


I -Salt and Sugar


I am like Salt & Sugar without go,

Dissolving into many flavours of life,

Yet have an identity which is only mine,

My flexibility is not my weakness,

It is the strenght of my character,

It liberates me yet not let me lose my uniqueness .

I wrote this long time back. Today just felt like sharing again

Copyright (c) 2016 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


Moments of GRATITUDE 


Every person who come into our life does make a difference. Whether in person or on virtual media, it doesn’t make a difference. They are important part of our growth and an inspiration for us to keep moving on our chosen paths. 

I am grateful to all of you for taking time to read, like and share your views and comments.  

WordPress is a wonderful platform to share views in so many ways. When they acknowledge our efforts by keeping the stats and send us lovely surprises like this, it is a great motivation. 

# gratitude # achievement# motivation 

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved







I use to stand here and think,

And run to act upon the ideas

Today I stand here empty of any thoughts

Just marvelling at the vastness of the Sun

Brightening the horizon while fading away

Spreading the stillness till the next day

I love the stillness sipping inside me

I am no more in a rush to run with my thoughts

As it is a never-ending chase where none wins.


# stillness#thoughts#win

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


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