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What is this happiness which has made the world mad?

Everyone is running a marathon to experience it,

By whatever means and modes avaliable,

Someone looks for it in success, 

Someone looks for it in possessions,

Someone looks for it in accumulated wealth,

Someone looks for it in good health,

Someone looks for it in good grades,

The list goes on and on and on.

         Are you happy is the question?

        Be happy ,stay happy are the advices,

        It is always conditional and dependent,

        Can not be on it’s own,

       To be happy is the ultimate aim of all,

       All positives are attributed to this one word,

       Not being in this state makes one despair,

      Irony is to achieve it one gets exhausted and tired.

Take a breather and just calm downand think,

Is’nt it responsible for most of our problems?

 Is’nt It like a mirage in the dessert?

Neither real nor constant in it’s nature,

If it was not so then once attained it would not go away,

And not make us think means and ways to bring it back,

     All the pain,suffering and struggles would minimize,

    Only if we could give up on the myth of True happiness,

   Just accept it’s momentary nature like all other feelings,

   Inner PEACE and SILENCE may be the answer to all the chaos,

   As it depends on nothing so no outside effort is needed,

   Just to be our true ourselves and drop all pretensions,

   Once attained it will not leave us till our last breath,

  Never know even happiness may become our constant companion.


The barren Tree -‘ Why of Existance’


                                             Image courtesy -Arun Prabhakar

The silence of the tree standing alone,

No leaves or fruits or any color,

No companion nor any friend,

Nothing to cheer it up,

But there was a strange peace surrounding it,

       Silently staring as if asking how it survives?

       It’s lonely existence without much desires,

      To my surprise it give the answer I was sorting,

       It said the strength lies in it’s roots deeply grounded,

      That is why it withstood so many storms,

      Knowing the Moon will rise to give it the silvery balm,

      It bears piercing heat of the dessert Sun without complain .

Then I wonder what is it’s existence for?

Why is it going through so much pain,

What is it’s use in this deserted land,

As if it read my thoughts ,

A little birdy alighted on one of it’s branch,

Then came an other and than one more,

Happily resting for sometime before flying again,

       I looked at the sky and thanked HIM,

       For I learned a lesson that day,

       We may feel lonely or not worthy sometimes,

      Or are disillusioned by our very being,

      But if we believe that we are here for a reason,

      It does not matter if it is big or small,

     Then like the barren tree of the desert,

     We would never question our existence,
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FEAR -Can anyone justify PART-II


FEAR – Part II
‘School is a temple of knowledge’ I read it somewhere in my growing-up years. I wonder how true is this in today’s context. I am not generalizing but where are those temples? The children go to school for learning, by learning it means not just the bookish knowledge but the social values, the skills and harnessing their talents and developing their personalities. 

As in my earlier post Fear part -I, here also I would like to say that Fear is limiting the children’s limitless abilities. The pressure to take good marks and perform well in all activities instil fear of non/under- performance in the children. How is it humanly possible for every child to take above 90% marks? Every one is unique and talented in their own right. Instead of finding out their interests and helping them to enhance them, the school i.e teachers try to discipline and curtail them. As they go to higher classes the fear of failure grows more, and by the time child reaches 12th standard, he is a bundle of confusion lost in the sea of expectations of parents, teachers, school, society ,list goes on and on.

Fear is the worst enemy at any stage of life, but more so in the formative years. Instead of being result-oriented if the institutions become skill-oriented, they might get surprised by the final results. The conditional approach is more of a deterrent then fruitful, the moment sentence starts with ‘do…….else ‘, the child gets defensive. Then inspite of his best efforts and hard work the outcome may not be good. Let children work according to their own capacity. After leaving the institutions the students remember and thank the teachers who supported them regardless of their % or marks scored. 

These days the debate is getting stronger and stronger on the relevance of sending children to the schools. It is not un-common to hear the word depression and other stress-related problems being associated with the adolescence and young children at career development stages. Unfortunately, the word suicide is being heard frequently. Why? Just because of not scoring good marks.

Our duty as a parent or as a teacher is to give child right environment to perform and not become judge and jury for his actions or inactions.
                    “A seed grows up to be a fruit-laiden tree

                      Only when it has the perfect environment”

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I am thankful for the tag

Hi All, 

Appreciate and thank you Deepika from DeepikasRamblings for the tag. It is first time for me and felt so nice to see your message. 

I started reading Deepika’s blogs through Daily prompt. I can relate to her writings as it express the everyday feelings as a mother and as a simple individual. 

Visit her space for more reading

Now for the rules of the game :

1. Name 3 things you are thankful for

2. Nominate some fellow bloggers to continue the TAG

3. Device a logo for your TAG. 

The 3 things I am thankful for :

1. My breath- I am all the time conscious that I am alive because of the breath and everything follows it. So I am grateful to be in this moment which is my only reality 

2. To the universe which is limitless and boundless. All my inspiration to write comes when I connecf to this powerhouse of energy. 

3. Thankful to wordpress which  has given me a space to express, connect and appreciate the people who are generous with their likes, comments and follow each other’s bloggs. Since I started blogging I feel amazed by so many different perceptions on same topics. I am really grateful to all my fellow bloggers for taking time to read my humble blogging efforts. 

I nominate following Bloggers for the TAG

Anisha, devanjanc, kamal(boundlessblessingsblog), Smitha(Silver lining), Andrey(idealizeblog), Sangbad, Swise (light room)  Aishwarya (AR) 

3. Logo for my TAG


Why it is such an effort to go through the day,

By night fall body and mind tired and withered,

Dreading the next day.

        Why the mindless rush to work endlessly,

        Grab whatever comes in the way,

       Just to achieve the success?

 Why so much of enmity towards the fellow-beings,

Killings in the name of freedom,

Just to prove the domination?

                 Have we given thought to so many Whys,

                Reasons may be multiple and entangled,

                But for sure LABEL is prime

Poor rich good bad achiever looser,

Religions colors race or creed,

What are they? simply the LABELS

            Just imagine world without all the LABELS,

            There would be nothing left to compare,

            Then Harmony and Peace would prevail.

#enmity #hatred #freedom #love

The daily prompt    Label

IDEAS-  Undefined Patterns 


So many ideas random random, 

Some pop-up just like that from nowhere, 

Some may be a trigger from somewhere, 

Some come like a flash of light, 

Some are like rainbow few and rare, 

Some really stick and stay,

Whatever where ever they come from

I don’t care and divulge deeply, 

I just pick the one I fancy, 

And  work on it consistently, 

I know that it will yield results surely, 

May be little later rather than  sooner, 

This has been the pattern of my life, 

 And I don’t fight with it anymore, 

Perhaps  it is a blessing in disguise, 

As there are no heightened expectations, 

And I live life without hyper tension. 
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             ​                                                  ​   Walking with myself

My long walks are my guide, 
And are my companion too, 
They are inspiration too, 
 I sieve all my thoughts while walking, 
They are a mix of desires,expectations, 
Aspirations, goals and simple pleasures, 
Desires and expectations are first to vanish, 
Then goes Aspirations and goals too,
As they are the cause of  restlessness and hurt,
What is left are the  simple pleasures, 
They are what my life is made up of, 

I love to spend time listening to my son’s musings, 

Watching the birds fly and their perfect landing, 

Enjoying The dance of  Sun rays on the ocean

Feeling The stillness of vast universe inside me, 

My life is a journey and a destination too, 

Without the burden of unfulfilled desires,

And the disappointment of broken goals. 

#desire#restless #simple #life

        DAIlY PROMPT       Desire

    FEAR  –  Can anyone justify Part -I



    Why the fear? The moment a child starts understanding a bit, not just parents but most of the adults around start putting fear into him. For example very common phrase is ” Go to sleep else ….” or “finish your food else…..”. There is hardly any communication without the consequences. And the result is that child grows up with fear of unknown. Have we ever given a thought as to why we resort to putting conditions whether positive or negative to make a child understand the things. Why can’t we simply say to the child, “my dear, please do this” or “don’t do this” without resorting to the word else.

    Through out the various stages of growing up the fear keeps on changing the face but it’s base remains the same. Looking at the kindergarten children, they are the most happy when playing, but as soon as it is class-room learning time, their expressions change. Playing for hours will not make them tired but half-an-hour of studies drain their energies. Have we ever thought why? The reason is the fear of failure to match expectation of teacher. They enjoy playing because their is no fear of expectation. Each year the fear and the expectations keep on increasing, and the child’s life becomes like a remote control of expectations. 

    Love is our true nature, but sadly as we grow up, we deviate from our true nature. And start to adapt to the society which is fear and expectation oriented. This is a hand-over process from generation to generation. It is destroying the balance of human nature, the freedom to be just yourself . Observing the present day children, it saddens me to see them buried under the thoughtless and unreasonable expectations of their parents and teachers. Every child is an individual in his own right, he may have different way of thinking on the same subject or topic. 

    Some may perform better than other academically, but this does not mean that they are not of any worth. It is sad to see the marks/percentage only criteria to pass judgement on children capabilities.  

    If that was true then every student taking medical or non-medical subjects because they scored above 80% in high schools, should have been outstanding professionals. But that is not the case. Neither the administration nor the teachers try to give chance to students to make a choice of subjects irrespective of marks scored. One day when the non-performers do well in their lives, everyone wants to take the credit starting from kindergarten teacher. 

        Let the child make a choice

      .Let him create his own path

       Let him learn from his mista

      Let him fail and try again

       Let him discover his true self

       Self with strengths and weakness both

    *He is used  but it refers to both girls and boys
    #fear# girls #boys #students # choices

    Center-less FOcUS


     The Sky and the Sea are boundary-less, 

    Neither is defined by the start or the  end, 

    They have no shape nor any definite form, 

    So how can they have a center? 

    But still they are so center-ed in their approach, 

    Their energy is a blessing for one and all, 

    It is the focus not the centre that matters, 

    Today When we see so much suffering in the world, 

    Perhaps it is because of our  Self-centered approach. 

    #focus # selfless. # help

    #Daily Prompt.  Center

    MOHANJI-Unconditional Love 

    23rd of February Mohanji’s Birthday.  A few words of gratitude on this special occasion for the Master whose ‘Path of Pathlessness’ shows tbe way to JUST BE

    Nothing is such a power force

    It created the whole world 

    Nothing but only Consciousness 

    Connected me to my master”MOHANJI”

     I went to HIM for knowledge 

    And an assurance for HIM to be with me

    Smiling HE said I have nothing to give

    So don’t expect anything from me

    I only have unconditional LOVE

    It is for all the beings on this earth 

    And it is limitless and boundless 

    You take it  untill you reflect ME

    Once you see yourself as me

    You are liberated and free

    Then we can connect effortlessly 

    #grace #love # gratitude 

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