The Day i walked Alone


Walking along the sea shore

The waves caressing my toes

Gentle sounds soothing my soul

Today the quietness seemed so loud

Every few steps I paused and looked around

The tears flowed gentle merging with their destiny

My bowed head thanking them for cleansing me

Setting Sun slowly turning me to just a shadow

I listened to the whisper of wind playing gently

The heaven reflecting it’s silver sheen

Looking at the vastness in front of me

Searching the hidden desperately

My eyes pleading to the. sea

To reveal it’s secret of such generosity

How Countless living within so harmoniously?

And it’s beauty of still being so FREE

Nothing dilutes me nor changes me

They are external to me, so I am free

The secret was revealed so simply

All along there was no one but me

No other being had the power to be me.

I rejoiced and cherished the beauty of new ME

Finally i felt Free, free and FREE

Morning Love


              My hands wrapped

               Feeling the warmth

              My senses  recognising

             The exotic  aroma

             I feel alive with first sip

              I love my morning tea

                      JUST BE.                   


                                                         ​                                                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                        MOHANJI   

               .                    Photo .   Courtesy.   Artist SUMAN GUPTA (Magic   Realism) 


                             This world gave relatives I thought they are mine           

                             This world gave money and I thought it is mine

                              The world gave success and I thought it is mine

                               The world gave ego and I thought that it is mine 

                               This I and mine was making me blind

From morning till evening working like a slave

Looking for new goals and aims to achieve

But still something was missing always

I realized that it was the solace and the peace

Searched and tried all the conventional ways

But all my efforts went in vain.

                            A miracle happened and MOHANJI came into my life

                            He halted my running & asked me what did you loose

                           SUPREME gave you LOVE that you did not recognize

                           You are the source nothing you will find outside

                            Just BE just BE inside

 Liberated now I can soar higher and higher

 Swim deeper and deeper 

 Can climb the mountain tops

 I am not an achiever but a seeker all empty inside

As my Guru told I closed my eyes to just BE just BE inside



Only The path of Silence leads to peaceful existence.

The nature manifest itself only in the silence. The mountains, the rivers,the all mighty oceans, the breaking of seeds to the blooming of flowers to the miracle of human birth everything happens silently in PEACE. PEACE is not a thing which is to be found, it exists only we have to tune our frequencies to it. 

       CARESS OF LOVE.       


(He is for a child in general either girl or boy)         

                           Perform, perform and perform,                          

                                A seven letter word ruling our lives,

                                 It takes birth the moment baby opens his eyes,

                                 Everyone around him wants to see him giggle and smile,

                                 They won’t rest till he oblige,,

                                 There starts the whole circus of life

Playing happily with his unseen friends,

Laughing and enjoying the moment in time,

Suddenly someone says it is sleep time,

Close your eyes and rest my dear,

Not that you are tired but it is time,

Bewildered and confused by the sudden change,

He resist with all his might,

But in the end he gives up and comply……

                                      Walk by the age of two, speak by the age of three,

                                      School by the age of four, collage by eighteen,

                                      In-between learn the skills of life,

                                      Play a sport or two read a few good books,

                                      Make best use of every waking moment,

                                      That is perhaps not the end,

                                      In the sleep try to dream a few useful goals,

                                      As in this competitive world there no time to waste.

In this whirlpool of expectations and performances,

Enjoy each moment and choose what you love to do,

Let your foot-steps follow your heart,

It is advise for others not for your own child to heed,

As he has to achieve the goals set by you,

And make your dreams and aspirations come true

                                One day when he comes to you tired and lost,

                               You look at him and think he has come with a demand,

                               Without thinking you start off for an umpteenth time,

                               Will get you anything you want but only condition,

                               Then In one single breath he is reminded everything,

                               From their sacrifice for him to the value of time,


Suddenly he rests his tired body and soul in your lap,

And when you lovingly caress his hair,

He says this is what he wants,

Your warmth, your love, your arms wrapped around him,

Let me be with you unconditionally,

Let me feel that you brought me to this beautiful world,

To be free like wind, flow like river and shine like sun,

To find the meaning of life as I perceive,

Oh! my parents please simply be with me be with me,

And you will see I will perform dear perform beautifully

        HARMONY – Beauty of  the Mights.           



                          They co-exist beautiful not competitive,

                           Neither they over-power nor prove their might,

                           Knowing well a step out of turn will destroy the balance,

                           All the elements of nature silently work in Harmony,

Sun shining  bright in it’s glory,

Giving the energy and warmth,

The Moon bestowing it’s silverly light,

Making the dark nights cool and  nice,

And then disappearing into the universe,

Making their paths silently through the air,

None of them  harming even a particle  in their path.

                      The rain drops giving lease of life,

                      Come cascading from the sky,

                      For a little while covering the Sky,

                      Long enough to dissolve the clouds,

                      But while making it way through the Air,

                      Not harming even a tiny particle in it’s path.

Is’nt it time to ask ourselves seriously?

Why we human beings, in mindless frenzy to posses and rule,

Taking away the rights of other beings to  live on this Earth,

In the name of progress destroying everything in our path,

Our existance is because of this balance and not vice versa,

 So why and for what we are disturbing the Harmony,










When the bright Sun blesses the mountains,

Snowy Peaks melting slowly in its warmth,

Quietly disappearing into oblivion,

Leaving a tiny me with responsibilities,

 Pure sparkling dancing with the winds,

 I start my journey with an unknown destination,

                    Scattered all around the mountains,

                    Each one of us sweet, clear and virgin,

                   Seldom deviating from the course,

                   Running through the rough terrain,

                   Creating divine music in the air,

                  We are a family of infinite lives.

Solitude is our constant companion , 

Not taking a breather or rest on the way,

Gracefully accept the twists and turns,

Peace- loving rarely we unleash our fury,

Seldom meeting each other on the way,

Finally we reach the same destination.

                 Our end creates a new beginning, 

                An identity of it’s own,

               Running towards it’s destination,

               Giving the lease of life to one and all,

               Enriching the mother earth on it’s way,

              Finally creating the mighty oceans.

Rivers and oceans are known by names,

Our identity seldom known,

We may be admired by the passers-by,

But hardly given a thought afterwards,

Not complaining for being ignored

We, The only link between river and snow

With our silvery flow, Are just a   “STREAMS”

Me & My Morning Friends

The morning mist giving into crisp air

The golden rays giving message of a new day

Sitting near the window as always

Listening to the distant chirping

Knowing now anytime they will be here

They are my companions since a long time,

A mix of new and old needing no invitation

They land here everyday without any fear

They know the place and the grains

It is as if it is their right to be here

Some may happily pick at the scatterted grains

Looking left and right or sometimes straight at me,

As if greeting and asking my welfare

But some may make a few sorties with their mouthful

Lovingly and tirelesly feeding their new borns

Looking at them i wonder at their attitude

Seldom they will hoard for future use

Not a thought for rainy days

Taking care of the need of the day

They stop the feeding mouths when the wings grow

For they know that their little ones need them no more

I look at my lonely self with a sad smile

I gave my whole life to bring up my little ones

Thinking my only purpose to be at their beck and call

I never let them grow up and be on their own

I feared to let them venture into the world alone,

But one day they left me to fulfil their dreams

Why i felt led down by what was to be,

Why i never thought my first duty was towards me

Today i learnt a lesson from chirping friends of mine

Be happy and take care of NOW

The world round me will fall in-step with me

HE will take care of me as long as i am here

No need to punish myself with horrding

As i came only with a heartbeat

And will leave without it

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