Fear -Think again

If people are in fear state then why are they not able to understand simple sentence :Stay at home

Why the authorities all over the world have to use strict measures?

Isn’t there already lot on their hands to deal with, without worrying about the people who want to go out for a walk ?

This is nothing to do with education, and everything to do with plain COMMAN SENSE.

It is moral duty of ever single of us (who are not directly connected with any profession requiring to be out there) to pitch in by simply getting out of the way.

The people violating home quarantine or other wise violating the rules should be clicked and put on the social media. May be it will help to drive message home “We are living in Pandemic state”

Home Sweet Home – A myth?

My home

I want to have a home of my own

Home Sweet Home

Etc……numerous sentiments and phrases . Most of our life we spend most of our time, money and energy to have a space of our own.

Then why today people are finding it so difficult to be in there?. They are looking ways and means to make themself comfortable in their own private territories. Feeling is of torture rather than Peace

What an irony

Now of all the times, people want to go for walks, exercise, enjoy the nature.

No one wants to watch TV, bury their heads into mobiles, no family times. Children are getting bored with their gaming, online things.

The very parents who would complain about not spending enough time with their children, why are they not taking advantage?

This will pass sooner or later

Stop complaing be greatful

Think of the homeless who are the most vulnerable to this catastrophic situation. ,

Very important

Time to Salute the Moms and wives, who stay at home most of the day. Greet you with a Smile 🌝🌝 and a Hug when you come back, irrespective of your response

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