Woman’s Day- Contemplation

Woman would be empowered in the true sense

The day society Stops judging them in the beauty pageants


The basis of physical appearances

and parading them on stages.

Stop criteria of certain height weight and ramp walks in high heels.

Stop matrimonial ads requiring certain physical features ( both for woman and man)

Stop supressing your daughters & daughter-in-laws in the name of traditions and customs.

Education and earning money is not signs of empowerment .

Stop expecting them to be at home by a certain time.

Stop blaming them when something goes wrong in the family.

These are a few things for thought. Everyone of you can add on to it and ASK what creates limitations and boundaries for you.

Copyright (c) 2022 Namrata D Prabhakar

Fruits and Love

While cutting watermelon I observed

All sweetness and softness is hidden deep insight

The outer layer is hard and bitter

To reach the necter we have to cut the outer covering


The love is hidden in our spirits

Eceryone is free to find their own ways

To Cut through the outer shell

Reach the essence of life purpose

Then there is NOTHING but BLISS

And Love a perceptual state of Being

Copyright (c) 2021 Namrata D Prabhakar

2020-Year of Freedom and Liberation

Friends starting my 2020 blogging journey with a message from my GURU/MASTER – MOHANJI

A true companion is someone who is around you when you need him, but will never limit your freedom or free will.
A true friend is one who is stable, will never leave your hand in any situation, and loves you without any expectations.
A true guru is one who always keeps his followers free and unbound.

In all relationships, the bottom line is FREEDOM.

On Born Free, Live Freedom

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