The Smiles, the happiness, the carefree enjoyment


Flowing like wind

Nurturing like water

Limitless like Sky

Budding and blooming little ones

Today what they are getting

Tomorrow they will.know

The value of these moments

And the selfless Love of their mentors

Some give money

Some give food

Some give materials

But far and few who give  TIME

The most valuable and above all

Today Saluting those people

And their mission

“Unconditional, limitless and selfless Spirit of GIVING”

Suman Gupta, Maya -the Santa, Joy Gupta

(From left to right)
  • Suman and Joy are the founders of MSSEU, Jammu ,iNDIA (Mohanji’s School of Supplementary Education for Underprivileged Children)

Both are Artists and well known in their respective fields.

Check out more about them on


Insta :



Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/munderprivileged/

@MSSEU it is not about studies, but about celebrating LIFE. Children are encouraged to create,experience, experiment and most important express without fear.

Copyright (c) 2020 Namrata D Prabhakar

Random Thoughts-Childhood

My present is perfect
It will turn to past soon
I would remember it fondly
May even take a cue
But may not like to relive”

Often people say that they would love to re-live the good olden days of childhood. When we tell our children about our simple yet enriched childhood, we become nostalgic. The outdoor games, sleeping under the open sky in summers and many other simple inexpensive pleasures we fondly remember were relevant at that point in time. This I experienced very recently.

On my recent visit to Jammu, my hometown, I was happy and excited to meet my old friends and relatives, refreshing the golden childhood. There were frequent electricity breakdowns at that time and we used to sleep on rooftops enjoying the moon and twinkling stars. The summer nights were sometimes cool, sometimes rainy or humid. But it didn’t affect our sleep and we would wake up fresh and bright.

As most children, my son also had heard this story countless times. A few days back, the transformer broke down in the area where my sister lives. As it was evening time electricity department was closed, so nothing could be done till the next morning. The inverter also said goodbye after a few hours. As it was unbearably hot in the rooms, we decided to go to the rooftop looking for some relief.

The sky was neither cloudy nor clear, which meant a bit of fresh air in long intervals. In our enthusiasm to relive our childhood days, decided to sleep there. We made our self as comfortable as possible and tried to sleep looking at the sky. But we were not prepared for the music of mosquitoes and the discomfort of humid air. Even tried our childhood rescue instrument the wooden hand fans (called pakhi in Dogri). The night which was supposed to be just like olden days turned out to be a nightmare.

Today’s reality is we can’t live without present-day amenities. I think we should be careful when wishing for good olden days, because those circumstances and the environment was right that time but not for now.

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Clock 🕒 is just a tool for our convenience. It doesn’t tell us how much time we have HERE

When people say that they don’t have time, they are actually speaking the only reality, though without realizing it. How can you have something which can not be quantifed, or qualified or bound by anything.

We have people in our lives who would only communicate with us as per their convenience, 

So next time someone says to you  ‘Oh, I was busy, didn’t have time to call you’. Take it that you were not required in their life so they didn’t bother to call.   But they will not hesitate to call you when  they need you.

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

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