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I am not in competition with anyone

Am in harmony with myself

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Blogger Recognition Award

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I am so happy to receive this award from Krishna. Krishnapriya as I know her from her writings is one who is always thinking of the divine supreme and considers all living beings as one having the same divinity. Such noble thoughts are glorified through her poems and posts. She has also some excellent translation achievements on some of the original Sanskrit works which is the reason for me being an ardent follower of her blog in the first place.

Please check her blog: Light + Love

 My Blogging Journey

 I started blogging on WordPress in 2012 and my posts were few and far in between. I like to read more than to write and these were my only hobbies in school days. In college I didn’t write much maybe a couple of poems here and there as singing became a newly acquired hobby and then once having…

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Elections- Do we really have a choice ?


Democracy-“The Will of People”

Every five years one is given a tool

The tool called “vote”

It makes or breaks the parties

Rejection is the mother of all fears

A politician’s nightmare

And nobody likes a defeat

A few days before the voting day

Every candidate is seen with folded hands and bowing head

Standing in front of the so called “common man”

Begging for a vote in his favor

Using everything in his kitty

From development to freebies to God knows what

Would like to ask these people a simple question

Are they not common ?

What makes them elite ?

Are they not elected to serve the people ?

Are they not duty-bound to fulfill the promises?

Promises of progressive future

Of good roads, clean water, ample to eat

The golden picture of election time “A mirage”

Vanishing and fading humility of elected ones

They are secure for next five years.

Secure to be carelessly trample the hopes

The hopes of that helpless “common man”

That smirk on their face a tale of their arrogance

Their indifference towards their constituency

A slap on the voter’s face

Why we are helpless?

Why can we not have a say?

Why can we not have right ?

To reject a candidate nomination

And ask for a better choice

As there are selfless and honest men/women

Not looking for galore for themselves

But ready to work for “comman man”

Five years or fifty the promises will be broken

The professional politician will serve their own interest

Until they know the switch to power is not in their hand

But in hands of the so called common man

They can be removed as fast as they were elected

With a press of button called “RECALL”


When I hear the word common man from these so called politicians and netas, wonder who they think they are. Is it not time to recognizing and respect the people for being fellow humans and a force which can change the fate of these netas, by press of a button.? Why from being sevaks at election time, they become masters after being elected. May be they know that there is no way to de-elect them for next 5 years and they take full advantage of the fact. Most of the time people have no choice, because choosing between bad and worst is after all no choice.

The good choice is as rare as the mango tree😄 in a dessert.


Alcohol and peer pressure

Very well expressed the thoughts of the freshers and what challenges they face. Loved the writer’s message.


Done with the exams

Done with the vacations

Done with the school life

Done with the school uniform

It’s time to put hands on some cool, funky outfits…li’l different hairstyle

Girls are excited to use their make up kits they already bought a month ago

The new phase of life begins

Enthusiasm overloaded…a bit of nervousness accompanied by butterflies in the stomach

Curiosity at it’s peak

Because it’s time to experience the college days

Filled with energy..zeal and zest

Let’s begin with the journey…

The first day is filled with thrill and for some it can be a bit nerve wrecking

You meet different people

At first you are bit hesitant to talk

Who will break the ice first?

Then comes the outgoing gals and guys who are comfortable in making friends in a snap of fingers

Within few days you form your own groups and start exploring the college…

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