Simple wisdom.

Life, more than existence!


It will be the pollution of the spirit not the environment that will lead to mankind’s destruction.

mr mel 

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Saturday Submissions: ‘The Arkansas International’

Interesting Arabic site

& Arablit

The Arkansas International is looking for works in translation:

They write:

We welcome prose submissions of up to 8,000 words, poem packets of up to five poems, and ask that excerpts from longer works be self-contained. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, provided we are notified in the event that a piece is accepted elsewhere. Please do not submit more than a single story, essay, or poem packet until you have heard back from us about your previous submission.

If you are submitting multiple pieces, please put them together in one submission. Since the number we can receive every month is capped, subsequent submissions will have to be returned unread.

Submissions of translated works must include a copy of the original text. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from including a copy of the original text at the time of your submission, please note that in the cover letter.


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Dedicated to my mother on her Birthday

The video I did today because she was like ocean……

Watching the vastness

Waves playing with the shore

Running to and fro

Orchestrating the music

Here I am standing on the sidelines

Remembering her fragrance

Searching for her spirit somewhere

What was she an ocean of love ?

Or the free flowing wind ?

May be both

The spring in her walk

Relentless will to survive

She lived every moment

With enthusiasm of a child

Watching ebb and flow

I long to hide myself in her arms

Merge into her embrace

Hidden from preying eyes

In her life she was never a coward

The why she left without a goodbye?

These Whys would haunt me until the end

Yes I miss her all the time

Then again find her in the realms of my being

What really am I ?

Truth is ……

Her essence left behind

Today’s sun majestic in setting so was she, Sun would come back tomorrow but she left once for all

Copyright (c) 2019 Namrata D Prabhakar

Childhood love☕

Image Courtesy : pinterest

Today I was watching a video showing how to make cappuccino at home. My favorite coffee


By the time it finished I was transported back couple of decades, when we used to beat a spoon or two of Nescafe coffee powder with sugar in a big bowl till it was almost light brown covering the whole bowl. Then a spoon of creamy mix into hot milk and water and the coffee TREAT was ready. Yester years – Beated coffee Today’s – Cappuccino

Today it cost AED 14 (Dubai currency) minimum, that time it was labour of love💕☕ and passing the bowl to everyone present to get the best color.