A /एक  ★ Single Power ★ Part -I


A drop of water shakes hand with others,

United they give life to the mother Earth,

Forms the springs, the rivers and the ocean,

Evaporates one by one to form the clouds,

Then pour down in the form of rain,

A drop is what farmer’s hopes are pinned upon,

A drop is sigh of relief for those worried face,

It is also the reason for the loss of precious lives

   ( farmers suicides are the most unfortunate , and can be avoided if the Government and non-governmet agencies can help them in rain-water harvest techniques. it is not just loss for the family but to the world at large)
        A drop of tear shakes hand with others,

        And flows in a stream from the eyes,

        Sometimes as a symbol of gratitude,

        Sometimes a joy of reunion,

        Sometimes as an expression of grief,

        Sometimes flows without any reason,

       Just to cleanse the soul.

A seed grows into mighty tree standing tall,

A grass spreads to form carpet of greens,

A seed gives a fruit delicious to eat,

A flower on barren branch gives it a lease of life.

             A storm destroys everything in it’s wake,

             A careless word breaks strongest bonds,

            A loving gesture mends the broken hearts,

            Hate is taking away thousands of innocent lives,

            “PEACE” is a word which is striving to survive,

             A word has the power to change the world,

            So please think what you want to say after the “A”
Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar 

All rights reserved 




LOVE-Tender & Strong


Image courtesy Artist Suman Gupta (www.sumangupta.com) 

Precious is the love in all forms, 

It is pure, untouched and undiluted, 

It is colorless, formless and limitless, 

It is fearless, selfless and boundless. 

 It bind the hearts and the soul, 

It gives courage to move ahead, 

It is strong enough to face fiery storms, 

Have you ever wondered at the same time, 

It is so very delicate and tender, 

That it can not take the weight,

The weight of deceit or fraud, 

It crushes and crumbles at once, 

So please handle IT with utmost care. 

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar 

All rights reserved 

Daily prompt :Tender


Footprints-An Impression


Footprints on the sand so deep and intense

Leaving a trail behind,

A wave comes rushing to fill up the steps

Leaving nothing behind,

Why then we repeatedly walk on edge for

Leaving nothing behind,

Even the impression of the journey is only in mind

Leaving nothing behind,

So my dear friends be grateful for forgetfulness

It leaves nothing behind.
daily prompt :    Impression
Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All Rights reserced

‘Only Temporary is permanent ‘


  life comes full circle

‘Temporary in my view is  the most relevant word which defines our existence on earth’

Blessed with the natural wisdom, 

The birds make a nest, 

Not for themselves to live in, 

But just to bring up their offsprings, 

The caves existing naturally, 

The wild beings only take shelter there, 

Apart from man no living being has a home, 

As if  they are aware of their temporary existence. 

. . We in our arrogance just simply forget, 

.  Few years or few decades still it is limited, 

 . We own nothing neither the land nor the resources, 

. The mad rush for possessions is worthless, 

. The hate, the cheating or killings is useless, 

. The king  or the pauper everyone is mortal. 

Daily propmt : Temporary

Apprentice of Life


The life has a way to keep growing,

Day by day silently and continuously,

It teaches us without an syllabus,

We are neither promoted or demoted,

Nor we are time-bound in learning,

Then why once out of formal education,

We keep re-cycling what we learned,

          I am an apprentice of nature till the end,

           I learn to be open like the sky,

          Sun teaches me warmth and light,

         The streams, the rivers and the ocean,

          They tell me to flow constantly ,

          Each and every element is a symbolic tutor,

         And the best part of this apprenticeship is,

         It is limitless boundless and free for all
Daily prompt : Apprentice

Prayers-Roots of liberation


. .  Buddha-Symbol of liberation (image courtesy Joy Gupta Clay Artist) 

Prayers are universal, the forms and the way of performing may be different.But the result is the same. It makes us strong and centered. Prayers are the roots on which the tree of spirituality stands strong, and it’s power is felt at the time of adversities or difficult situations. It is my personal experience that which ever road we take, all leads to one direction – THE LIBERATION.

This is a beautiful poem by Nithya Shanti which explains it all .  (To know more about the Author  check Facebook page Nithya Shanti)

There are talking prayers

There are listening prayers

There are prayers that petition 

For certain outcomes

There are prayers that release

Attachment to all outcomes 

One is a sincere call 

The other is a joyful freefall 

           Whatever brought us here 

          Will also guide us home 

           In time we realize how

           Wisdom strengthens faith

           Faith strengthens wisdom

Pray any way you like

Or don’t, if it doesn’t feel right

Do whatever feels light 

And liberates your worries 

Like a snipped string kite

Daily prompt :  Roots

Thoughts your choice – “Peace or Unrest”


What I found in the glory of that Sun rise today

Gave me a treasure house of wisdom,

The rising Sun is a signal for activities,

A frantic process of million of thoughts,

Some of them are like new born, soft and tender,

Some are repeated too long to be relevant,

Some give as headaches , others heartaches

Some make us happy , others just sad,

Some are cherished as moments of love,

There are as many reactions as there are thoughts,

It may be alright normally to be thoughtful,

But sometimes a thought or two get struck in our mind,

We deep-fry them constantly on the fire of our anger,

Those are most dangerous ones  

As they not only destroy us but also people around us,,

Today we are seeing these fried thoughts everywhere,

Burning and destroying the kindness and compassion,

Bringing in suffering and pain to mankind,

Lets all collectively pray in our own ways,

And spread the thought of PEACE and LOVE in this air.

Daily prompt :   Fry

NATURE – Without Clock


The nature needs no reminders, it works timely

The Sun , the moon, the stars, the rain, 

The snow, the air are duty bond by their free-will

All work wonders to keep us alive,

There is a harmony and mutual understanding among them,

Sun let the clouds cover it, so that it rains,

The mountains catch the snowy flakes to melt slowly,

Slowly create the streams, falls ,rivers and the seas,

The soil nurtures the seed for it to grow timely

Grow into trees, vegetables, fruit and flowers.

       Man is perhaps the only one who keep reminders,

      The time watch, the alarms and so many other ways

     Just to be on-time and keep up schedules.,

     Only if we could turn to our inner clock not outside

Then perhaps we would be like the  nature timely.

Daily prompt :  Timely



    Photo courtesy – Sanjay Dutta (Manali)

What is this happiness which has made the world mad?

Everyone is running a marathon to experience it,

By whatever means and modes avaliable,

Someone looks for it in success, 

Someone looks for it in possessions,

Someone looks for it in accumulated wealth,

Someone looks for it in good health,

Someone looks for it in good grades,

The list goes on and on and on.

         Are you happy is the question?

        Be happy ,stay happy are the advices,

        It is always conditional and dependent,

        Can not be on it’s own,

       To be happy is the ultimate aim of all,

       All positives are attributed to this one word,

       Not being in this state makes one despair,

      Irony is to achieve it one gets exhausted and tired.

Take a breather and just calm downand think,

Is’nt it responsible for most of our problems?

 Is’nt It like a mirage in the dessert?

Neither real nor constant in it’s nature,

If it was not so then once attained it would not go away,

And not make us think means and ways to bring it back,

     All the pain,suffering and struggles would minimize,

    Only if we could give up on the myth of True happiness,

   Just accept it’s momentary nature like all other feelings,

   Inner PEACE and SILENCE may be the answer to all the chaos,

   As it depends on nothing so no outside effort is needed,

   Just to be our true ourselves and drop all pretensions,

   Once attained it will not leave us till our last breath,

  Never know even happiness may become our constant companion.



Why it is such an effort to go through the day,

By night fall body and mind tired and withered,

Dreading the next day.

        Why the mindless rush to work endlessly,

        Grab whatever comes in the way,

       Just to achieve the success?

 Why so much of enmity towards the fellow-beings,

Killings in the name of freedom,

Just to prove the domination?

                 Have we given thought to so many Whys,

                Reasons may be multiple and entangled,

                But for sure LABEL is prime

Poor rich good bad achiever looser,

Religions colors race or creed,

What are they? simply the LABELS

            Just imagine world without all the LABELS,

            There would be nothing left to compare,

            Then Harmony and Peace would prevail.

#enmity #hatred #freedom #love

The daily prompt    Label