Walk and the path-Gratitude

My walking path since 2012

Gratitude to this sea shore For being my companion Witnessing my journey Absorning my emotions In return giving me PEACE

There are no traces of my presence No footsteps to say I was here yesterday But everyday I come to you Without any fear of being judged Or misjudged

The stillness of your being The gentle sounds of your movements Connects me to my SELF Ever time I take your leave I know you would be there for me tomorrow

Copyright (c) 2022 Namrata D Prabhakar

Random -Flames of imagination

Flipping through pictures randomly, this caught my attention and imagination too

Looking at the dancing flames

My imagination caught in between

The images being formed

The ever changing flickers

Not letting me decide

What names to give them

So I am leaving it to you

To simply stare at the fire

And enjoy the energy


Try to figure out the mysterious play

Copyright (c) 2019 Namrata D Prabhakar

Twigs & Thoughts


Scattered thoughts I collect meticulously

Assemble word by word carefully

Some dropped and some missed words

On the way


No blueprint or plan to work with

Simply guided by my intuitions

Slowly a line is formed then a para

Till the end is reached


I am like a bird who builds the nest

Collecting Twig after Twig

Not knowing how many are enough

To make a nest


The beauty of nests and thoughts is

Build with the same twigs and words

But reflecting the essence of the creator

Each a unique masterpiece


The NEST and the ART preserved

May be visited and admired time and again

But none can be dismantled or re-arranged

To create same magic again.


Copyright (c) 2018 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved



When will the suffering end? 


When will the suffering end?

Asked a desperate man

HE said “Right NOW”

Man asked with disbelieve

Are you mocking me?

HE smiled gently nodding his head

No, my dear let me show you how
Stop the violence right now

Be it in thoughts, actions or just a witness

As it causes pain to other beings

Stop the hoarding right now

Be it thoughts, materials or natural resources

As even your very next breath is not certain

Stop the anger right now

Be it in thoughts, at a person or a situation

As it hurts you more than anyone else

Stop the ego right now

Be it in thoughts, success or power

As it stops you to see good in others
When you are emptied you inner vessel

Start filling yourself with goodies

Love, gratitude, positive thoughts

Humbleness, forgiveness, compassion

And you may add few more

Touch gently the flower in full bloom

Wipe a tear of pain from someone’eyes

Give a warm hug to a distress man

NOW you are  at PEACE with your inner self


As I promised you




Why my hands are rough and coarse




Dedicating to the every woman 👩. I am sure this has been faced by most of us at one time or others.  An introspection for The children (irrespectivs of gender) and husbands



Why are hands rough and coarse?

Is a question I am asked

By my own children and others

Sometimes accused sometimes ridiculed

                Doing the dishes countless times a day,

               Using the detergent full of chemicals,

                Using washing powders full of sodas

               Not withstanding the harshness

              The clothes fade away after a few washings

               I use it day after day,

                Year after year till my end,

                 So that you eat in clean dishes

                 And wear clean clothes

                You dare to ask ????????

                Why are my hands rough and coarse ?

When we are going out

Why I can not dress-up properly ?

Wear high heels and do my hair?

Has anyone spared a single thought?

After one hour of ironing

And few hours of cleaning the house 

My back is stiff and feel too tired,

To even think of going out.

But still with a smiling face

Join you in your fun

 You dare to ask???????

Why I can not dress-up properly ?

Wear high heels and do my hair?

                     I agree world won’t stop when I am gone

                      You may hire helping hands

                      To cook,wash and do the dishes

                     But you will not find anyone waiting 

                     To serve you hot meals and watch you lovingly

                     When you browse your mobile while eating

                    Oblivious to the fact that I was also hungry

I don’t expect any accolades or rewards

But then don’t deserve insensitivity on your part

You may find many friends and well-wishers 

But there would never be a blessing hand

Or a warmth of selfless embrace

Love me for your own sake

So that you don’t feel guilty 

When I am gone.


Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


ALONE-  not Lonely



               (My morning friends and I Alone) 

I am not lonely when alone,

It is in the crowd where I am lost,

The smiles, the laughters so much noise,

After a while seems all in vain,

That is why my dear friends,

I don’t feel lonely when with myself.

          wp-1507401691732..jpg              (Courtesy Mohan Mangotra FB)


The unburdening of pretence is relaxing,

                     The emptying of thoughts is rejuvenating,

                      The bird watching is fascinating,

                       When only I am around,

                       That is why my dear friends,

                       I don’t feel lonely when with myself.


                 Click courtesy Creative Siba

The sand, the ocean,the sky above,

Seting Sun the rising Moon the twinkling stars,

The changing of moments could be felt,

Only when the silence is my best friend,

That is why my dear friends,

I don’t feel lonely when with myself.

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved



 There is so much to kill,

Why just kill time doing nothing?

Killing can be so productive,


            The ego

               The stubbornness

                 The anger

                   The greed

                     The hate

                       The guilt

There is so much to kill within yourself

Then why look outside ?

Why kill the innocent people?

Why kill the innocent animals?

Why kill the trees  our lifeline?

Live and Let Live

As Ours is the most unpredictable existence.

Copyright (c) 2016-17 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved 



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Peaceful beings- Are we?

   Today’s post is dedicated to Mother TERESA who gave millions of  people right to DIGNIFIED living. Today is her Birthday                           


We the human beings are peace loving and compassionate, 

Our nature is love and unity and humanity,

Is’nt it the biggest illusion we have of ourselves?

Humans have the power to think, create and speak,

So we are the superior of all beings,

 But are we?

                         Our intellect since time immemorial have destroyed,

                          Destroyed what ever has come in our path of progress,

                          Then be it Jungles,the lands, the mountains or water-ways,

                          We brought extinction of other peaceful beings,

                           Even the flora and fona has not escaped our wrath,

                           Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                           Think are we?

We find various reasons to discriminate,

Powerful supress the weak and the oppressed

We fight, abuse and humiliate.our own 

Excuses these  inhuman acts by giving it a name,

Then be it religion, country or simply an ideology,

Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

Think are we?

                  The peace, love and respects for all,

                  If this awareness was not forgotten at all,

                 Then there was no need for RAMA & KRISHNA

                 To show the path of truth and love

                 For BUDDHA to teach the path of Peace

                 For JESUS to protect the innocent and weak,

                 Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                  Think are we?
     Today we are living in times where positive words  Love, respect, dignity , peace are becoming difficult to achieve. If we want our children to live happily and peacfully then we have to lead by example

Daily prompt  :    Dignify                  

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Copyright (c) 2016 Namrata D Prabhakar

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I -Salt and Sugar


I am like Salt & Sugar without go,

Dissolving into many flavours of life,

Yet have an identity which is only mine,

My flexibility is not my weakness,

It is the strenght of my character,

It liberates me yet not let me lose my uniqueness .

I wrote this long time back. Today just felt like sharing again

Copyright (c) 2016 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved







I use to stand here and think,

And run to act upon the ideas

Today I stand here empty of any thoughts

Just marvelling at the vastness of the Sun

Brightening the horizon while fading away

Spreading the stillness till the next day

I love the stillness sipping inside me

I am no more in a rush to run with my thoughts

As it is a never-ending chase where none wins.


# stillness#thoughts#win

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


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