When will the suffering end? 


When will the suffering end?

Asked a desperate man

HE said “Right NOW”

Man asked with disbelieve

Are you mocking me?

HE smiled gently nodding his head

No, my dear let me show you how
Stop the violence right now

Be it in thoughts, actions or just a witness

As it causes pain to other beings

Stop the hoarding right now

Be it thoughts, materials or natural resources

As even your very next breath is not certain

Stop the anger right now

Be it in thoughts, at a person or a situation

As it hurts you more than anyone else

Stop the ego right now

Be it in thoughts, success or power

As it stops you to see good in others
When you are emptied you inner vessel

Start filling yourself with goodies

Love, gratitude, positive thoughts

Humbleness, forgiveness, compassion

And you may add few more

Touch gently the flower in full bloom

Wipe a tear of pain from someone’eyes

Give a warm hug to a distress man

NOW you are  at PEACE with your inner self


As I promised you




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