Whether in Texas or in Mumbai the life sustaning force ‘THE WATER‘ has proved that excess of anything is bad.  When the nature unleashes it’s fury we are helpless like any other being.

 Drop by drop it gentle come from up above,

                   Falls on the upturned face, the open hands

                   Brings a smile of pure joy,

                   A few on the surface of the earth,

                   Instantly fills the air with aroma of soil.


When drops come hand-in-hand,

Pouring down without a break,

The children enjoy the paper sails,

The grown-ups enjoy hot tea break,

The trees and grass soak in it’s wake.

                A few hours of downpour is a good fortune,

                Cleansing the air around us,

                The rivers, the steams ,the water-falls,

                Welcome it with open arms,

               The farmers breath a sigh of relief,

                Even the birds sing and dance to it’s tune.

But when they run towards the mother earth,

Hour on hour with a vigour of it’s own,

Creating the havoc and the  chaos,

Life come to a total stand still

But Nature knows better than us,

 May be This is what might be good for us?

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  Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved 


EARTH DAY-Wakeup Call



                                                                   Green Earth for everybeings  survival 


Hope sooner than later  we  wake up , 

Shake up ourself to face the reality,

Why are we are destroying the Mother Earth first,

Then bringing the Earth Day to save it afterwards,

The duality of our personalities are seen so clear,

On one hand we are destroying the nature in our greed 

Then try to justify our mindless  actions in the name of development

This is only a transit, not permanent home for anyone,

We are here only  till our breath and our heart beat,

Why are we destroying the elements we are made up of, 


Why can ‘nt we breathe  without thought of toxins in the air? 

Why can’ nt we drink the natural water without fear? 

Why can’t we freely enjoy the fruits direct from the trees? 

There are so many WHYS and not one good  reason to satisfy. 

Progress and development may be the need of the day,

But for this is’ nt pollution a big price to pay,

There are more suffering than happiness today,

And more binding than liberation ,

Only way is act with Awareness in whatever we do, 

It may make this world better place to stay.

                             Rivers our life lines

Is’nt it  a blessing that Sun and Moon are out of our reach,

For us to pollute in the name of progress and modernization,

Otherwise Sun Day and Moon Day would’nt  have been far away,

If we may stop  this quest to create a better world for future,

 Perhaps Mother Earth will see our future generations

Living not in fear but  in harmony with the nature,

Without  days to remind  what Earth,Water,Air means for existance. 

prompt  :     Harmony

The barren Tree -‘ Why of Existance’


                                             Image courtesy -Arun Prabhakar

The silence of the tree standing alone,

No leaves or fruits or any color,

No companion nor any friend,

Nothing to cheer it up,

But there was a strange peace surrounding it,

       Silently staring as if asking how it survives?

       It’s lonely existence without much desires,

      To my surprise it give the answer I was sorting,

       It said the strength lies in it’s roots deeply grounded,

      That is why it withstood so many storms,

      Knowing the Moon will rise to give it the silvery balm,

      It bears piercing heat of the dessert Sun without complain .

Then I wonder what is it’s existence for?

Why is it going through so much pain,

What is it’s use in this deserted land,

As if it read my thoughts ,

A little birdy alighted on one of it’s branch,

Then came an other and than one more,

Happily resting for sometime before flying again,

       I looked at the sky and thanked HIM,

       For I learned a lesson that day,

       We may feel lonely or not worthy sometimes,

      Or are disillusioned by our very being,

      But if we believe that we are here for a reason,

      It does not matter if it is big or small,

     Then like the barren tree of the desert,

     We would never question our existence,
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Silent Sound of Humbleness 

M ”

 Amid the  sounds of birds and the waves, 

In that hour when the Sun set quietly I watch, 

It goes with a promise to rise again the next day,

I wonder whether I will be a witness to it again, 

It may be on the horizon of blue ocean, 

Or behind the peaks of mighty mountains, 

It’z orange hue always leave me in awe, 

Silently it lets the moon to guide us in the dark, 

This silent Sound-less interchange of gold and silver, 

Shows the  mighty humbleness of the universe so vast. 

 #For daily prompt  Sound

                Time   – “Is it real?” 


Watching the sunset that day my thoughts wandering

My focus on the beauty of ever changing fiery colors

Fascinated as always by the humble Sun

My friends happily enjoying their evening meal

Unaware that this was the last meal of this year

                 Next day duty bound the Sun rose at tbe same  time

                The chirpy friends at the window  at the same time

                I asked them what has changed in one night ?

                They said nothing else but  it is only human perception

                The nature is neither a slave nor it is bound

                Year end or begin is futile effort  to limit the limitless time


What one day end has changed in our lives ?

Still the poor of this world continue to suffer

Innocent people are being killed in the name of religion

Animals are being slaughtered for human pleasure

Million years may begin and come to an end

An year is just to bring order to the chaos of daily life

Only Love is the beginning and end for PEACE in our lives



        HARMONY – Beauty of  the Mights.           



                          They co-exist beautiful not competitive,

                           Neither they over-power nor prove their might,

                           Knowing well a step out of turn will destroy the balance,

                           All the elements of nature silently work in Harmony,

Sun shining  bright in it’s glory,

Giving the energy and warmth,

The Moon bestowing it’s silverly light,

Making the dark nights cool and  nice,

And then disappearing into the universe,

Making their paths silently through the air,

None of them  harming even a particle  in their path.

                      The rain drops giving lease of life,

                      Come cascading from the sky,

                      For a little while covering the Sky,

                      Long enough to dissolve the clouds,

                      But while making it way through the Air,

                      Not harming even a tiny particle in it’s path.

Is’nt it time to ask ourselves seriously?

Why we human beings, in mindless frenzy to posses and rule,

Taking away the rights of other beings to  live on this Earth,

In the name of progress destroying everything in our path,

Our existance is because of this balance and not vice versa,

 So why and for what we are disturbing the Harmony,










When the bright Sun blesses the mountains,

Snowy Peaks melting slowly in its warmth,

Quietly disappearing into oblivion,

Leaving a tiny me with responsibilities,

 Pure sparkling dancing with the winds,

 I start my journey with an unknown destination,

                    Scattered all around the mountains,

                    Each one of us sweet, clear and virgin,

                   Seldom deviating from the course,

                   Running through the rough terrain,

                   Creating divine music in the air,

                  We are a family of infinite lives.

Solitude is our constant companion , 

Not taking a breather or rest on the way,

Gracefully accept the twists and turns,

Peace- loving rarely we unleash our fury,

Seldom meeting each other on the way,

Finally we reach the same destination.

                 Our end creates a new beginning, 

                An identity of it’s own,

               Running towards it’s destination,

               Giving the lease of life to one and all,

               Enriching the mother earth on it’s way,

              Finally creating the mighty oceans.

Rivers and oceans are known by names,

Our identity seldom known,

We may be admired by the passers-by,

But hardly given a thought afterwards,

Not complaining for being ignored

We, The only link between river and snow

With our silvery flow, Are just a   “STREAMS”