Mel one of my favorite bloggers. The security of present and the curiosity of future, expressed so beautifully

Life, more than existence!


Sitting on the edge of thought, wanting to let go.

Leaning forward I fall, slowly drifting into thought without thought, clarity without seeing.

Though the world swirls around me stillness is my cocoon, immersion  is complete I am at peace.

Oh to remain this way, but I know that I must break out to become the butterfly and know the  world once again.

mr mel

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Random-PEACE Reflection of their expressions

The cause of many sufferings

Happiness an illusion

Never stays for long

Never consistent

Always dependent

Still everyone is running

Trying to own it

BUDDHA did not go in search of happiness

Neither did Kabir or other great Saints

For them there was nothing to be achieved

With my limited observation

I could say

The common bond they shared


The serenity and calm

The love and generosity


Their state of Inner PEACE

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