” The burden of handed-over thoughts”

                      Dedicated to the most precious Love of my life  And all  other children 

                            who crave for the Freedom to walk on their own

From where I stand today there are precious moments lost, 

Was it my fault that I couldn’t stand-up for myself at that time? 

 Or Was it the effect of the handed-over thought process? 

 In retrospect all suffocating was result of inactions,

These thoughts leave me scared for my very existence

              The life is beautiful in it’z simplicity 

               Why feed the mind with borrowed stuff, 

               It may be relevant for different time & space, 

               Why cheat myself just to be on the right side of others?

               Why even feel obliged to please everyone but self?      

Why create robots when there are enough around?

Living without the will of their own,

Think for a moment if we still can do so,

It may not be too late to know the limitless,

The freedom of existence without obligation. 

      If we can wake-up now to acknowledge ourself,

        It may help new entrants to carve the path in their own ways

        Then perhaps the suffering and suffocation of soul may end, 

        And mother Earth may smile once again. 

3 Replies to “” The burden of handed-over thoughts””

  1. You have beautifully expressed the mental condition of today’s child who is very much lovable & obedient child as per their parents, who are constantly using the little ones to fulfil their oun dreams or wishes. I wish everyone concerned should understand the message conveyed by you and let these little one should come out with their real talent.

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