MOHANJI-Unconditional Love 

23rd of February Mohanji’s Birthday.  A few words of gratitude on this special occasion for the Master whose ‘Path of Pathlessness’ shows tbe way to JUST BE

Nothing is such a power force

It created the whole world 

Nothing but only Consciousness 

Connected me to my master”MOHANJI”

 I went to HIM for knowledge 

And an assurance for HIM to be with me

Smiling HE said I have nothing to give

So don’t expect anything from me

I only have unconditional LOVE

It is for all the beings on this earth 

And it is limitless and boundless 

You take it  untill you reflect ME

Once you see yourself as me

You are liberated and free

Then we can connect effortlessly 

#grace #love # gratitude 

4 Replies to “MOHANJI-Unconditional Love ”

  1. Beloved Babaji Mohanji thou art nothing & everything. How blessed are we humbled souls that you found us in this life. How full of unconditional love & devotion we are that we want for nothing for thou art that. The SELF is Oneness. In that knowledge we celebrate your birthday on this & everyday. Always love from Urav, Viren & Sandi. Jai yogiraj Brahmarishi ki jai🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛

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  2. A very special birthday gift for a very special human being that’s your Guru Mohanji. Happy birthday to him from all of us in my family.


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