Perfect in imperfection


 Today I am dedicating my post to all who have courage 

to live on their own terms breaking the tethers which hinder their growth
I am perfect in my imperfection,

When the rain cleanse my soul

I enjoy my wet hair plaster around my face,

When the soft sand cling to my feet

I feel grateful for music of the sea shore.

When I laugh my face may wrinkle

But my heart expands in joy,

When tears flow on to my cheeks

I may look like a clown

But why should I hide my hurt,

My love is unconditional and selfless

Then where is the need to prove if ?    

When I pen my thoughts

There may be a dot (.) Or a  coma (,) missing

But does it really matter to you ?

As I may be imperfect in wording

But I know what I am  communicating.

Perfection is a sign of stagnation

Imperfection an opportunity to grow.     

Why  the suppressive society  tethers bind me ?

When I know I have a mind of my own

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar 

All rights reserved 

Via  Daily prompt :  Tether

#tether, perfect, imperfect

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