Forever Temporary

Very positive lesson to be learned from not just this post but the blogg also

Big Dreams for a Tiny Garden

IMG_4092 Blue ginger – after the flower is gone, the enjoyment lingers on in memory

I need reminding.

Nothing is forever.

This is never more evident than in my garden – a deep repository for life’s important lessons. It takes a gardener like me time to learn the lessons offered. Is that why I keep being presented with the same lesson over and over? Because it takes ‘forever’ to learn?

The grasshoppers have been ravaging my plants. Everywhere I look there are half consumed leaves.

IMG_4090 Singapore ginger – a tasty meal for the grasshoppers

The hungry little critters ate the blossoms on my lemon tree too, diminishing hope of a good crop of lemons next season. If that’s not discouraging enough, some of my precious Hippeastrum Papillio bulbs have succumbed to the soggy conditions. Small losses, small disappointments in the greater scheme of things, but frustrating nevertheless.

IMG_2978 Flowers from the ‘lost’…

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