On doing nothing (or feeling like you’ve done nothing)

Sharing this post by Aymee, as I found it very compelling and thought provoking.

A Populous Solitude

There are many moments in everyone’s life when they get asked the question “so, what are you going to do with your life?” Or at least some kind of variant on the same theme.

I think that for most of us this question comes with an element of dread, or panic, or at least a massive degree of uncertainty. There is, I’m sure, a very small percentage of the population who can say with any degree of certainty what it is they want to be doing, or see themselves going. Here I want to share my own experiences of how (not) to do it.

For as many years as I can think about having thought about this question, I have always had roughly the same response: “I am going to stay in education for as long as possible, get a doctorate, perhaps a post doc, and then teach and spend…

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