Ancient Indian History

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Starting today, 5th October 2018, my new blogging schedule includes Fridays where I’ll share snippets of ancient Indian history – BCE to early CE – that focuses on the region covered by the Deccan in the south.

The region which was once occupied by three famous dynasties – the Cheran, Cholan, and Pandyan – broadly encompasses five current Indian states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Image @ Sangam Era 300 BCE to 200 CE by Global Security

Some historians used a collective term – Tamilakam – the Age of the Tamils, to describe this period. Tamil in this usage referred not only to the Tamils of modern day India but all the peoples of the south. Another term – Dravidians – is in more common usage now.

I’m currently finalizing my next work of fiction: a literary historical novel based on Silappatikaram, one of the five…

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