A great reminder of our rich heritage. Infortunately the present state of woman in our society shames our value systems. Ancient times child was known by his/her mother not father.


Hinduism splits the primordial divine energies into Shiva & Shakti. Nothing can exist without the existence of these opposing yet complementary forces.

ADITI – 1st Mother, Goddess of Space, Infinity and Timelessness. A protective Goddess who helps u overcome obstacles.

AGNEYA – Daughter of the Fire God Agni & guardian of the South East direction.

AMMAVARUA – The Godess who laid the Egg form which Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu hatched.

ARANYANI – Goddess of the Forest & the Creatures that live there.

BANKA MUNDI – Goddess of the Hunt & Fertility.

CHHAYA – Goddess of the Shadows & Consort of Surya, the Hindu Sun God.

DURGA – A Fierce, Demon fighting Goddess who sits upon a Lion. Her name means one who alleviates suffering.

GAYATRI – Personification of Gayatri Mantra.

JYESTHA – Goddess of Misfortune. She is the opposing force to her sister Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth…

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