Alcohol and peer pressure

Very well expressed the thoughts of the freshers and what challenges they face. Loved the writer’s message.


Done with the exams

Done with the vacations

Done with the school life

Done with the school uniform

It’s time to put hands on some cool, funky outfits…li’l different hairstyle

Girls are excited to use their make up kits they already bought a month ago

The new phase of life begins

Enthusiasm overloaded…a bit of nervousness accompanied by butterflies in the stomach

Curiosity at it’s peak

Because it’s time to experience the college days

Filled with energy..zeal and zest

Let’s begin with the journey…

The first day is filled with thrill and for some it can be a bit nerve wrecking

You meet different people

At first you are bit hesitant to talk

Who will break the ice first?

Then comes the outgoing gals and guys who are comfortable in making friends in a snap of fingers

Within few days you form your own groups and start exploring the college…

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