Me & My Morning Friends

The morning mist giving into crisp air

The golden rays giving message of a new day

Sitting near the window as always

Listening to the distant chirping

Knowing now anytime they will be here

They are my companions since a long time,

A mix of new and old needing no invitation

They land here everyday without any fear

They know the place and the grains

It is as if it is their right to be here

Some may happily pick at the scatterted grains

Looking left and right or sometimes straight at me,

As if greeting and asking my welfare

But some may make a few sorties with their mouthful

Lovingly and tirelesly feeding their new borns

Looking at them i wonder at their attitude

Seldom they will hoard for future use

Not a thought for rainy days

Taking care of the need of the day

They stop the feeding mouths when the wings grow

For they know that their little ones need them no more

I look at my lonely self with a sad smile

I gave my whole life to bring up my little ones

Thinking my only purpose to be at their beck and call

I never let them grow up and be on their own

I feared to let them venture into the world alone,

But one day they left me to fulfil their dreams

Why i felt led down by what was to be,

Why i never thought my first duty was towards me

Today i learnt a lesson from chirping friends of mine

Be happy and take care of NOW

The world round me will fall in-step with me

HE will take care of me as long as i am here

No need to punish myself with horrding

As i came only with a heartbeat

And will leave without it

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