When the bright Sun blesses the mountains,

Snowy Peaks melting slowly in its warmth,

Quietly disappearing into oblivion,

Leaving a tiny me with responsibilities,

 Pure sparkling dancing with the winds,

 I start my journey with an unknown destination,

                    Scattered all around the mountains,

                    Each one of us sweet, clear and virgin,

                   Seldom deviating from the course,

                   Running through the rough terrain,

                   Creating divine music in the air,

                  We are a family of infinite lives.

Solitude is our constant companion , 

Not taking a breather or rest on the way,

Gracefully accept the twists and turns,

Peace- loving rarely we unleash our fury,

Seldom meeting each other on the way,

Finally we reach the same destination.

                 Our end creates a new beginning, 

                An identity of it’s own,

               Running towards it’s destination,

               Giving the lease of life to one and all,

               Enriching the mother earth on it’s way,

              Finally creating the mighty oceans.

Rivers and oceans are known by names,

Our identity seldom known,

We may be admired by the passers-by,

But hardly given a thought afterwards,

Not complaining for being ignored

We, The only link between river and snow

With our silvery flow, Are just a   “STREAMS”

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