(He is for a child in general either girl or boy)         

                           Perform, perform and perform,                          

                                A seven letter word ruling our lives,

                                 It takes birth the moment baby opens his eyes,

                                 Everyone around him wants to see him giggle and smile,

                                 They won’t rest till he oblige,,

                                 There starts the whole circus of life

Playing happily with his unseen friends,

Laughing and enjoying the moment in time,

Suddenly someone says it is sleep time,

Close your eyes and rest my dear,

Not that you are tired but it is time,

Bewildered and confused by the sudden change,

He resist with all his might,

But in the end he gives up and comply……

                                      Walk by the age of two, speak by the age of three,

                                      School by the age of four, collage by eighteen,

                                      In-between learn the skills of life,

                                      Play a sport or two read a few good books,

                                      Make best use of every waking moment,

                                      That is perhaps not the end,

                                      In the sleep try to dream a few useful goals,

                                      As in this competitive world there no time to waste.

In this whirlpool of expectations and performances,

Enjoy each moment and choose what you love to do,

Let your foot-steps follow your heart,

It is advise for others not for your own child to heed,

As he has to achieve the goals set by you,

And make your dreams and aspirations come true

                                One day when he comes to you tired and lost,

                               You look at him and think he has come with a demand,

                               Without thinking you start off for an umpteenth time,

                               Will get you anything you want but only condition,

                               Then In one single breath he is reminded everything,

                               From their sacrifice for him to the value of time,


Suddenly he rests his tired body and soul in your lap,

And when you lovingly caress his hair,

He says this is what he wants,

Your warmth, your love, your arms wrapped around him,

Let me be with you unconditionally,

Let me feel that you brought me to this beautiful world,

To be free like wind, flow like river and shine like sun,

To find the meaning of life as I perceive,

Oh! my parents please simply be with me be with me,

And you will see I will perform dear perform beautifully

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