HARMONY – Beauty of  the Mights.           



                          They co-exist beautiful not competitive,

                           Neither they over-power nor prove their might,

                           Knowing well a step out of turn will destroy the balance,

                           All the elements of nature silently work in Harmony,

Sun shining  bright in it’s glory,

Giving the energy and warmth,

The Moon bestowing it’s silverly light,

Making the dark nights cool and  nice,

And then disappearing into the universe,

Making their paths silently through the air,

None of them  harming even a particle  in their path.

                      The rain drops giving lease of life,

                      Come cascading from the sky,

                      For a little while covering the Sky,

                      Long enough to dissolve the clouds,

                      But while making it way through the Air,

                      Not harming even a tiny particle in it’s path.

Is’nt it time to ask ourselves seriously?

Why we human beings, in mindless frenzy to posses and rule,

Taking away the rights of other beings to  live on this Earth,

In the name of progress destroying everything in our path,

Our existance is because of this balance and not vice versa,

 So why and for what we are disturbing the Harmony,









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