JUST BE.                   


                                                         ​                                                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                        MOHANJI   

               .                    Photo .   Courtesy.   Artist SUMAN GUPTA (Magic   Realism) 

 .                                               http://www.sumangupta.com

                             This world gave relatives I thought they are mine           

                             This world gave money and I thought it is mine

                              The world gave success and I thought it is mine

                               The world gave ego and I thought that it is mine 

                               This I and mine was making me blind

From morning till evening working like a slave

Looking for new goals and aims to achieve

But still something was missing always

I realized that it was the solace and the peace

Searched and tried all the conventional ways

But all my efforts went in vain.

                            A miracle happened and MOHANJI came into my life

                            He halted my running & asked me what did you loose

                           SUPREME gave you LOVE that you did not recognize

                           You are the source nothing you will find outside

                            Just BE just BE inside

 Liberated now I can soar higher and higher

 Swim deeper and deeper 

 Can climb the mountain tops

 I am not an achiever but a seeker all empty inside

As my Guru told I closed my eyes to just BE just BE inside

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