16 Years of Mother.     

 .                      Today sixteen years ago I held a bundle of Joy in my arms for the first time.

                                   Dedicated to my mom who held me through those difficult times


                                                               Chaitanya my son my word
Love is the only master who teaches a Mom

And Instincts the only guide in bringing up her child

First year I learned to laugh and cry for no special reason

Sing the lullaby even when i knew i was hopeless singer

Second year taught me the joy of talking for the first time

And excitement of speaking whatsoever i feel like

Third year was full of all the actions

Which as an adult we don’t feel are right

           Fourth year i re-learned to draw and paint

           Not on the papers but walls and floors

           Fifth year i realized sitting for 5 minutes is a serious matter

           On top of it write A or counting 1-10 is not a joke

           Sixth and Seventh years were hardest of all

          As i could not understand the view of teachers

          Why for them home-work was so important

       Eight to tenth years was time for new revelations

       The exams and results were the two biggest enemies

       Cartoon and TV the best friends in whole of the world

       Eleventh to Thirteenth good food took a new meaning

        Mom’s love judged by anything junk on the plate

                   Fourteen and fifteen i hardly slept peacefully

                  The hair-style, clothes and friends were biggest problems

                  Study was the only bone of contention with the parents

                  Sixteenth year by far the hardest and the coolest of all

                 I know why to study but don’t know how to concentrate

                 When there are so many distractions all around

So far i enjoyed un-learning and re-learning many things

Coming years will get more excited then the roller-coaster

 But despite all the hardships ,worries and tensions

One warm HUG and a radiant smile on his face

Makes my world brighter than the warmth of the SUN

2 Replies to “      16 Years of Mother.     ”

  1. Hi Ma’am,

    I’m Mr. Arun’s colleague.
    When he discovered my fashion in reading, he showed me this page and I admire you instantly. He is so proud of you. hmm. before I forget, I wish your son a happy birthday and all the best in the world.. though he was blessed already with a wonderful mom like you and wonderful dad also. He is such a lucky kid..

    I also just want you to know that I’m already a fan of yours.
    I love reading it.
    Keep it up ma’am.

    God bless and more power 🙂

    Best regards,


    Liked by 1 person

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