(Painting image courtesy .Artist Suman Gupta  )


 A silence with a vibration of it’s own

All eyes looking at the door

Some patiently waiting

Some whispering to each other

Some excited to be meeting him first time

              Long hair tied loosely

             Eyes hidden by dark glasses

            Smile illuminating the persona

            He enters the room

           Shattering the image of Guru

           Disappointing many a few

He may hug you or shake hands with you

If you touch his feet he will bless you lovingly

He is not bound by the image of Guru

He may play cricket or crack a joke

He may play with a child 

Sit with a teenager and share his concerns

He breaks all myths of a Guru

              When he asks you what you want from me

             For I can give you nothing and want nothing from you

             He further shatters the Image 

             But that is only for people who can not see beyond

             People who are sleep -walking and want to follow blindly

            He is not for the followers who follow like a sheep,

He is like a flowing river who will let anyone in

But there are few who love him unconditionally

Those are the one who may find Mohanji

His simplicity of thoughts & path of pathlessness

His consciousness connect is so real

Even without being there with you he is with you 

But he is not a Guru who preaches or teaches

               Today I thank HIM for holding my hand 

               At the same time letting me explore

              I am still a wanderer but with a difference

              Now I am fearless maybe not hundred percent

              But better than what i was before

             Mohanji, simply Being in my life you have blessed me

              And helped me to stay in NOW


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