LIFE -A Over stuffed Cupboard        



                                 Ignoring the capacity of drawers and shelves space

                                We think It has unlimited storage place         

                               We keep putting things in ever nook and corner

                               And one day when it can hold no more

                               Silently collapse leaving behind a scattered mess

                Then we realise nothing we stored was needed

                It was only our mindless hoarding

                May be because we had a place to keep

                We burnt our energy and valuable resources

                Just to satisfy our ego which always crave for more

                        This is how we look at life ,-a  Space

                       Filling it with unwanted feelings and emotions

                     Increasing unhappiness by not letting anything go

                    And when it is time to go we leave with a burden

                    Except a lucky few who kept the space uncluttered &pure

2 Replies to “              LIFE -A Over stuffed Cupboard        ”

  1. Nicely compared the life which is too much busy with never ending expectations which are useless with the life of a cupboard. Hope you will be successful in spreading the message.


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