FEAR  –  Can anyone justify Part -I



Why the fear? The moment a child starts understanding a bit, not just parents but most of the adults around start putting fear into him. For example very common phrase is ” Go to sleep else ….” or “finish your food else…..”. There is hardly any communication without the consequences. And the result is that child grows up with fear of unknown. Have we ever given a thought as to why we resort to putting conditions whether positive or negative to make a child understand the things. Why can’t we simply say to the child, “my dear, please do this” or “don’t do this” without resorting to the word else.

Through out the various stages of growing up the fear keeps on changing the face but it’s base remains the same. Looking at the kindergarten children, they are the most happy when playing, but as soon as it is class-room learning time, their expressions change. Playing for hours will not make them tired but half-an-hour of studies drain their energies. Have we ever thought why? The reason is the fear of failure to match expectation of teacher. They enjoy playing because their is no fear of expectation. Each year the fear and the expectations keep on increasing, and the child’s life becomes like a remote control of expectations. 

Love is our true nature, but sadly as we grow up, we deviate from our true nature. And start to adapt to the society which is fear and expectation oriented. This is a hand-over process from generation to generation. It is destroying the balance of human nature, the freedom to be just yourself . Observing the present day children, it saddens me to see them buried under the thoughtless and unreasonable expectations of their parents and teachers. Every child is an individual in his own right, he may have different way of thinking on the same subject or topic. 

Some may perform better than other academically, but this does not mean that they are not of any worth. It is sad to see the marks/percentage only criteria to pass judgement on children capabilities.  

If that was true then every student taking medical or non-medical subjects because they scored above 80% in high schools, should have been outstanding professionals. But that is not the case. Neither the administration nor the teachers try to give chance to students to make a choice of subjects irrespective of marks scored. One day when the non-performers do well in their lives, everyone wants to take the credit starting from kindergarten teacher. 

    Let the child make a choice

  .Let him create his own path

   Let him learn from his mista

  Let him fail and try again

   Let him discover his true self

   Self with strengths and weakness both

*He is used  but it refers to both girls and boys
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4 Replies to “FEAR  –  Can anyone justify Part -I”

  1. Good analysis…..Fears are the products of conditioned grooming by the society wherein the family comes first, These were good as well as bad., Most social norms that regulate the society are based on fears……

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  2. Yes this happens at many houses, because of the fear to match the expectation of their parents, some kids takes the drastic steps, later they (parents) realised their mistake, but life does not give chance to undo the mistake, but just to live with regret.


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