​                                                  ​   Walking with myself

My long walks are my guide, 
And are my companion too, 
They are inspiration too, 
 I sieve all my thoughts while walking, 
They are a mix of desires,expectations, 
Aspirations, goals and simple pleasures, 
Desires and expectations are first to vanish, 
Then goes Aspirations and goals too,
As they are the cause of  restlessness and hurt,
What is left are the  simple pleasures, 
They are what my life is made up of, 

I love to spend time listening to my son’s musings, 

Watching the birds fly and their perfect landing, 

Enjoying The dance of  Sun rays on the ocean

Feeling The stillness of vast universe inside me, 

My life is a journey and a destination too, 

Without the burden of unfulfilled desires,

And the disappointment of broken goals. 

#desire#restless #simple #life

        DAIlY PROMPT       Desire

    8 Replies to “SIMPLY LIFE”

    1. I like the comments given by MyLifande. Thank you for understanding it the way writer expressed. Thanks for your appreciative view like an experienced person.


    2. You have a depth of sensitivity- An understanding and a feeling for life. No one can teach this- it was born into you. to examine life and to address it- is – living life and not ignoring it.Thank you….


    3. Happiness in achieving and no disappointment if not. Simply the attempt but not to give up until the result achieved. Yes of course that’s a life.


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