Peaceful beings- Are we?

   Today’s post is dedicated to Mother TERESA who gave millions of  people right to DIGNIFIED living. Today is her Birthday                           β€‹


We the human beings are peace loving and compassionate, 

Our nature is love and unity and humanity,

Is’nt it the biggest illusion we have of ourselves?

Humans have the power to think, create and speak,

So we are the superior of all beings,

 But are we?

                         Our intellect since time immemorial have destroyed,

                          Destroyed what ever has come in our path of progress,

                          Then be it Jungles,the lands, the mountains or water-ways,

                          We brought extinction of other peaceful beings,

                           Even the flora and fona has not escaped our wrath,

                           Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                           Think are we?

We find various reasons to discriminate,

Powerful supress the weak and the oppressed

We fight, abuse and humiliate.our own 

Excuses these  inhuman acts by giving it a name,

Then be it religion, country or simply an ideology,

Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

Think are we?

                  The peace, love and respects for all,

                  If this awareness was not forgotten at all,

                 Then there was no need for RAMA & KRISHNA

                 To show the path of truth and love

                 For BUDDHA to teach the path of Peace

                 For JESUS to protect the innocent and weak,

                 Still we pride ourself of being superior of all beings

                  Think are we?
     Today we are living in times where positive words  Love, respect, dignity , peace are becoming difficult to achieve. If we want our children to live happily and peacfully then we have to lead by example

Daily prompt  :    Dignify                  

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Copyright (c) 2016 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved


7 Replies to “Peaceful beings- Are we?”

  1. I know things are not good around us, but we can change a little bit by reacting in tactful manner . If we find somthing inappropriate we should not support instead just stay away. We should remind us everyday that we are superior with all possible facilities blessed by god and we should honestly deal with everyone with no ego and selfishness and make ourself aware that we are not the person who knows everything we are definitely dependent for something on others. Moreover this universe is existing because still humanity exist.

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