Flash Fiction :WATER



 Walking slowly looking at the burning  Sun over the head, my throat dry, even the saliva was no help. As I moved forward my thoughts traveled backwards  to   incidences where I had thrown a near full water bottle after coming from school, a half filled glass into the kitchen sink or let the bucket overflow.

 Suddenly  I heard the familiar sound and  hurried up my steps. There it was  clear, sweet and sparkling. With tears of gratitude I quenched my thirst. That day I realized the fragility of life. 

 Bowing, I pledged never to waste even a drop.


 This is a Friday Fictioneer story, inspired by the picture above, this week provided by Roger Bultot. FF is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who posts a picture online every week, and writer around the world write a 100-word story inspired by it. Click here to read stories by other writers, or here to join in.



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