Experiencing BLISS

Radha Krishna Mandir
Saketri Panchkula

My recent visit to a GOSHALA near famous Mansadevi temple in Panchkula, India triggred so many thoughts. In the same complex there is a Radha-Krishna temple. I had an opportunity to spend sometime there. A satsang was going on. A group of ladies were singing Krishna Bhajans. There devotion was so pure that whole place was vibrating with it. Some of them were dancing also. Whole atmosphere was filled with simple devotion and unconditional love. I stayed there for half an hour or so , but the feeling of profound peace I carried was lasting.

These ladies may have come from nearby homes after finishing their houshold chores. It was hot and there was only fan to give some respite from the heat. That neither bothered or distracted them in any way. Dholki, bells and other instruments synchronized so beautifully with their voices, the harmony and vibration simply transported me to another world

The golden tradition of women ( daily routine in olden days) going to nearby temples and performing KIRTANS, singing bhajans is still preserved in villages and small town of India. No I was fortunate to have experienced the PURE BLISS and PEACE in the most simplest form of bhakti.

Copyright (c) 2022 Namrata D Prabhakar

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