The Day i walked Alone


                                Walking along the sea shore                              

                                   The waves caressing my toes                            

                                    Gentle sounds soothing my soul

                                    Today the quietness seemed so loud

                                     Every few steps I paused and looked around

The tears flowed gentle merging with their destiny

My bowed head thanking them for cleansing me

Setting Sun slowly turning me to just a shadow

I listened to the whisper of wind playing gently

The heaven reflecting it’s silver sheen

                                             Looking at the vastness in front of me

                                             Searching the hidden desperately 

                                              My eyes pleading to the. sea

                                              To reveal it’s secret of such generosity

                                           How Countless living within so harmoniously?

                                              And it’s beauty of still being so FREE

Nothing dilutes me nor changes me

They are external to me, so I am free

The secret was revealed so simply

All along there was no one but me

No other being had the power to be me.

I rejoiced and cherished the beauty of new ME

Finally i felt Free, free and FREE


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