My Sister-The JOY of my life

The beauty of that radiant smile

Why it bring tears in my eyes?

May be it is the flow of gratitude 

To the Almighty for the strong bonding

She climbed the mountains 
Some snow-capped some lush green

She touched many a hearts in the path

Delicate, sweet with an elfin beauty

Not many could recognize her strong being

                     One day she feel in love with potter’s wheel

                     Her hands running around her imagination

                    The innocent clay moulding to perfection​

                    Expressing all her unspoken emotions.

                     It is no expectations which sets her apart

Her love of giving is like a river

Free flowing and abundant

She brought many a smiles and laughters

Tears of Joy and a sense of purpose

To the aimless lives of down trodden

She has nurtured the little ones in such a way

That Today they dare to dream to touch the sky

 And believe their dreams will come true one day.


While mostly people talk about the wordly famous but generally fail to acknowledge the work of their loved ones

15 Replies to “My Sister-The JOY of my life”

  1. Thanks dear sister but all this I learned from you .I still remember you always give me your share.Being youngest in family I enjoy free bird life and you always support me in my good and bad time.
    Sharing ,caring, loving we adopted from our mother .Guruji Mohanji show us the path of unconditional love .which I an trying to follow.please bless me to do so .
    Thanks Mohanji for guiding me .

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