Why it is such an effort to go through the day,

By night fall body and mind tired and withered,

Dreading the next day.

        Why the mindless rush to work endlessly,

        Grab whatever comes in the way,

       Just to achieve the success?

 Why so much of enmity towards the fellow-beings,

Killings in the name of freedom,

Just to prove the domination?

                 Have we given thought to so many Whys,

                Reasons may be multiple and entangled,

                But for sure LABEL is prime

Poor rich good bad achiever looser,

Religions colors race or creed,

What are they? simply the LABELS

            Just imagine world without all the LABELS,

            There would be nothing left to compare,

            Then Harmony and Peace would prevail.

#enmity #hatred #freedom #love

The daily prompt    Label

9 Replies to “LABELS – Why?”

  1. In the thoughts you have imagined the beautiful world of no comparison only equality of human being. Hope if its possible.


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