I am thankful for the tag

Hi All, 

Appreciate and thank you Deepika from DeepikasRamblings for the tag. It is first time for me and felt so nice to see your message. 

I started reading Deepika’s blogs through Daily prompt. I can relate to her writings as it express the everyday feelings as a mother and as a simple individual. 

Visit her space for more reading

Now for the rules of the game :

1. Name 3 things you are thankful for

2. Nominate some fellow bloggers to continue the TAG

3. Device a logo for your TAG. 

The 3 things I am thankful for :

1. My breath- I am all the time conscious that I am alive because of the breath and everything follows it. So I am grateful to be in this moment which is my only reality 

2. To the universe which is limitless and boundless. All my inspiration to write comes when I connecf to this powerhouse of energy. 

3. Thankful to wordpress which  has given me a space to express, connect and appreciate the people who are generous with their likes, comments and follow each other’s bloggs. Since I started blogging I feel amazed by so many different perceptions on same topics. I am really grateful to all my fellow bloggers for taking time to read my humble blogging efforts. 

I nominate following Bloggers for the TAG

Anisha, devanjanc, kamal(boundlessblessingsblog), Smitha(Silver lining), Andrey(idealizeblog), Sangbad, Swise (light room)  Aishwarya (AR) 

3. Logo for my TAG

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