FEAR -Can anyone justify PART-II


FEAR – Part II
‘School is a temple of knowledge’ I read it somewhere in my growing-up years. I wonder how true is this in today’s context. I am not generalizing but where are those temples? The children go to school for learning, by learning it means not just the bookish knowledge but the social values, the skills and harnessing their talents and developing their personalities. 

As in my earlier post Fear part -I, here also I would like to say that Fear is limiting the children’s limitless abilities. The pressure to take good marks and perform well in all activities instil fear of non/under- performance in the children. How is it humanly possible for every child to take above 90% marks? Every one is unique and talented in their own right. Instead of finding out their interests and helping them to enhance them, the school i.e teachers try to discipline and curtail them. As they go to higher classes the fear of failure grows more, and by the time child reaches 12th standard, he is a bundle of confusion lost in the sea of expectations of parents, teachers, school, society ,list goes on and on.

Fear is the worst enemy at any stage of life, but more so in the formative years. Instead of being result-oriented if the institutions become skill-oriented, they might get surprised by the final results. The conditional approach is more of a deterrent then fruitful, the moment sentence starts with ‘do…….else ‘, the child gets defensive. Then inspite of his best efforts and hard work the outcome may not be good. Let children work according to their own capacity. After leaving the institutions the students remember and thank the teachers who supported them regardless of their % or marks scored. 

These days the debate is getting stronger and stronger on the relevance of sending children to the schools. It is not un-common to hear the word depression and other stress-related problems being associated with the adolescence and young children at career development stages. Unfortunately, the word suicide is being heard frequently. Why? Just because of not scoring good marks.

Our duty as a parent or as a teacher is to give child right environment to perform and not become judge and jury for his actions or inactions.
                    “A seed grows up to be a fruit-laiden tree

                      Only when it has the perfect environment”

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  1. It’s really good to understand the situation of child’s mind, to give him the right advice at a right time of need. I hope every parent should understand this and help their child to overcome the situation.

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