Photo courtesy – Sanjay Dutta (Manali)

What is this happiness which has made the world mad?

Everyone is running a marathon to experience it,

By whatever means and modes avaliable,

Someone looks for it in success, 

Someone looks for it in possessions,

Someone looks for it in accumulated wealth,

Someone looks for it in good health,

Someone looks for it in good grades,

The list goes on and on and on.

         Are you happy is the question?

        Be happy ,stay happy are the advices,

        It is always conditional and dependent,

        Can not be on it’s own,

       To be happy is the ultimate aim of all,

       All positives are attributed to this one word,

       Not being in this state makes one despair,

      Irony is to achieve it one gets exhausted and tired.

Take a breather and just calm downand think,

Is’nt it responsible for most of our problems?

 Is’nt It like a mirage in the dessert?

Neither real nor constant in it’s nature,

If it was not so then once attained it would not go away,

And not make us think means and ways to bring it back,

     All the pain,suffering and struggles would minimize,

    Only if we could give up on the myth of True happiness,

   Just accept it’s momentary nature like all other feelings,

   Inner PEACE and SILENCE may be the answer to all the chaos,

   As it depends on nothing so no outside effort is needed,

   Just to be our true ourselves and drop all pretensions,

   Once attained it will not leave us till our last breath,

  Never know even happiness may become our constant companion.


5 Replies to “HAPPINESS-“IS’NT IT A MYTH?””

  1. Happiness is actually a feeling of satisfaction. But satisfaction is not permanent. When we achieve one of our desire or need, it gives us satisfaction and this satisfaction in result gives us time bar happiness. One by one desires comes, some filled some not, so the race will never complete. Of course if we wish we can have it as our companion for life till last breath. Good to elaborate it’s real meaning by you.


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