When I Walk with self companion, 

With only setting Sun in the view, 

Soft sand under my feet, 

Listening to music of the waves, 

With the silence so profound, 

Is the time I look at my thoughts

They have accumulated during the day. 

.  Some. I discard being irrelevant, 

.  Some are amusing and enjoyable, 

. Some are sad, some are angry, 

. Some are lovable, some are amazing, 

 Some are so very precious, 

 That they need special care

. I heal them softly with all my love

. By the end of my walk I feel light, 

 As  I have sieved through the chaos of the day, 

 And cleared the space for the next day. 

If the next day comes I am ready 

Else there is no baggage to carry with me. 

Daily Prompt.


6 thoughts on “HEAL The  THOUGHTS

  1. Very nice. I hope everyone clears their routine mental stress the way while resting and carryover only accumulated happiness for the next day with hope to live further.


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