NATURE – Without Clock


The nature needs no reminders, it works timely

The Sun , the moon, the stars, the rain, 

The snow, the air are duty bond by their free-will

All work wonders to keep us alive,

There is a harmony and mutual understanding among them,

Sun let the clouds cover it, so that it rains,

The mountains catch the snowy flakes to melt slowly,

Slowly create the streams, falls ,rivers and the seas,

The soil nurtures the seed for it to grow timely

Grow into trees, vegetables, fruit and flowers.

       Man is perhaps the only one who keep reminders,

      The time watch, the alarms and so many other ways

     Just to be on-time and keep up schedules.,

     Only if we could turn to our inner clock not outside

Then perhaps we would be like the  nature timely.

Daily prompt :  Timely

8 Replies to “NATURE – Without Clock”

  1. Lovely thought for nature’s punctuality to live us comfortable life. Let us all also understand the value of punctuality in our routine life.


  2. I love this! How arbitrary is our structure of time. And Daylight Savings Time pushed even more against the solar clock 100 years ago. An entomologist from New Zealand who wanted more hours to collect insects apparently started Daylight Savings Time that is used in many countries. It seems most spiritual traditions, though, honor solar time. Sunrise, sunset. Now, the way many people live it becomes a challenge to even observe the sunset or sunrise.


  3. It is only mankind the doesn’t understand the perpetually of time. Always tracking it like there is never enough.
    This was a wonderful verse showing the tranquility of nature and flowing of time.


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